Meet One Of Your Trainers

We have experts in kettlebell movement, stretching, mobility, mental prep and more! This is Brittany Van Schravendijk, one of our main contributors to your kettlebell training.


Follow Along Workouts

Only in the Trainer Experience can you access full length, Follow Along Workouts for our weekly workouts list. Follow the pace and advice of expert trainers with your workout. Watch Below!


The Key To Optimal Kettlebell Workouts

Our Kettlebell Kings Trainer Experience contains hundreds of thorough demonstrations with written and verbal cues on kettlebell movements, stretching, mobility forum membership with experts and monthly challenges for discounts, gear and equipment.

Move & Workout Better

Kettlebell tutorials as well as stretching and mobility tutorials

Each movement or workout includes thorough written and verbal cues about:
- Proper Set Up
- Real World Applications of each movement
- What It Strengthens
- Key Points for safety and efficacy 
- How to Avoid Common Errors and more!
You will find thorough recommendations about which weight to use for each workout, upgraded workouts, explanations to ensure you achieve maximal usage and operation of your kettlebell workouts with safety and efficacy. 
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Monthly Challenges to win apparel, discounts and kettlebells!

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Hundreds of Demos & Workouts

The largest database of kettlebell on the web:

  • Easy access to expert trainers through questions and commenting

  • Hundreds of movement how to's

  • Hundreds of complete workouts

  • More options added every month

  • Compete in monthly challenges and share your success with other community members!

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