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Minimum Space Athlete is a 30 Day Bodyweight Program

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Here Are The Benefits:

Full Body Warm-ups with Mobility

  • Improving your functional range of motion
  • Helping your Central Nervous System (CNS) and Peripheral Nervous Connection (PNS)
  • Building coordination and balance.

Push, Pull, Hinge, Squat, Rotation, and Locomotion Strength

  • Building strength in all three plane of motion
  • Improving strength in your basic human movements
  • Increasing strength in your core strength

Endurance Through Basic Bodyweight Movements

  • Using locomotion and contralateral bodyweight movements to build endurance
  • Building improvements in brain health through cross-patterning

Cool Downs With Mobility

  • Open-chain Mobility to improve range of motion in your joints
  • Building capacity in your movements through joint-by-joint mobility
  • Injury mitigation through daily mobility
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Frequently Asked Questions 

Minimum Space Athlete

This is for anyone ready to build incredible body weight strength, and doesn’t have any equipment. This is for anyone wanting to lose weight and lose body fat. This is also for anyone who doesn’t have much room to workout.

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Minimum Space Athlete is Coming Soon

We are launching a new 30 day bodyweight program, and we will release it at $19.99 (regularly $49.99).