Principles of Stretching Course

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Course Overview

This course will explain several different stretching methods and teach the attendees how and when to apply them. It will explain the pros and cons of each method.


This course will also cover the importance and techniques of dynamic stretching and warm up exercises; explain why dynamic stretching is so important for high-level performance verses several other methods of stretching, when they should be used, and their effects on the body.

Course Objectives

-To teach basic stretching principles

-This course will explain how motor control affects the nervous system

-To provide attendees with detailed understanding of what dynamic stretching is, why it is important before a workout or playing a sport.

-To provide attendees with the knowledge of various methods of stretching, and when they should be performed.

- Why static stretching has negative muscular effects pre-workout or before playing a sport

-Attendees will learn the basics about muscle cramps

Lesson Plan


Attendees will read an online power point. After they have studied the power point they will take a 25 question exam on the information. A grade of 75% or greater to pass.

NASM .3, NFPT .5 - When applying for credit. The course is under 'Fit and Functional'


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