Weight Loss Behavior Coaching Course

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Weight Loss Behavior Coaching Course


Real World Training Experience + Science-Backed Research

As important as reps, sets, and exercises are, helping your clients make changes to their behaviors outside of the gym is what really produces results.

When you know how to apply the psychology of behavior, you'll see results and compliance like you've never imagined.

Even if you're already doing nutrition with your clients, this will take your nutrition coaching to the next level.

Course Overview & Goals

Weight Loss Behavior Coaching™ Certification.

We’ve designed the certification’s hands-on information, strategies, and lessons for you to use immediately in your own coaching practice - to both dramatically impact your clients while simultaneously impacting your income.

First, we teach you the foundational concepts of behavior change. If you need to know it as a coach, we teach it in the certification.

Then, we teach you exactly how to apply this information to your clients to actually produce the results they want.

You’ll learn a system for adding Behavior Coaching as a service to produce additional income for you while at the same time providing a valuable and in-demand offering for your clients.

Excerpt From Course

Who Should Get WLBC Certified?

Any Coach, Trainer, or Fitness Professional who works with clients who have goals that include behaviors outside the gym. By earning this Certification you will be educated on how to implement a complete plug and play service that both improve your clients' results and increases your income. 

This course can be completed in under a month by just committing a few hours every week. This course is primarily taught through short videos from our instructors and includes our Healthy Behavior Handbook of resources, access to our Healthy Behavior Assessment and Communication Insights Assessment, and a workbook that can be used to create practical application for your coaching. 

NASM 1.6, ACE 1.9, AFAA 1.6