SteelBell Slam Ball Free Weight

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SteelBell Slam Ball Free Weight


The SteelBell is intense; there is just no other way to describe it. Constructed from extra-thick neoprene with a textured surface for improved grip and filled with steel shot, it packs a serious punch.

Like the SandBell, the SteelBell combines the best features of dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, slam balls and sandbags into one simple and powerful weight training tool.

Although the SteelBell is twice as dense as the SandBell, it is still extremely safe for all ages and will not damage floor surfaces. The patented disc design allows for the weight to expand and force to dissipate over the surface area of the bag.

SteelBells are great for functional fitness free weight exercises and explosive power movements such as slams, tosses and throws. Its versatility makes it ideal for many types of training from general strength and conditioning, to endurance, to circuit training, football and sports performance.

The 100% recycled steel shot inside the SteelBell moves around more than sand, which increases the instability and grip characteristics and makes every movement more intense and engaging.

The SteelBell is the choice of many NFL and other professional & college teams, the military, law enforcement, OCR, boot camp and kettlebell enthusiasts.