SoftBell Cardio Barbell Weight Set

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SoftBell Cardio Barbell Weight Set


Want More From Your Cardio Workout?

Kick start your workout routine with the Cardio Barbell Set from Hyperwear! It’s unique soft plates make it the perfect piece of equipment for your at home fitness goals!

The Hyperwear SoftBell Weights and Barbell Set Includes:

A pair each of our soft neoprene weight plates in sizes 3, 4.5 and 10lbs are included with our 6lb SoftBell barbell handle and two long bolts making it a fully adjustable barbell system. Cardio pump your body with just the bar at 6lbs all the way up to 35 lbs by pairing a 4.5lb and 10lb plate from your set at each end.

Adjustable Barbell Weight Plates

Boost your cardio strength workout with additional SoftBell weight plates (not included). Each barbell can hold two plates at each end making the maximum capacity of 46 lbs if you purchase two additional 10lb plates. All SoftBell free weights are interchangeable. TO ACHIEVE MAX CAPACITY OUT TWO 10 LBS PLATES ON EACH SIDE. SECOND PAIR OF 10 LBS PLATES NOT SOLD IN THIS SET AND SOLD SEPARATELY

The SoftBell Cardio Barbell Set vs Traditional Barbell Set

The SoftBell Cardio Barbell Set improves upon the traditional barbell by making it safe for indoor use, as well as its convenient weight design. The SoftBell features durable sand loaded plates, making them both safe and easy to adjust. In addition, the compact small plate design makes the SoftBell plates perfect for exercises even without the barbell.