Dumbbell Functional Hypertrophy & Endurance Program

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Dumbbell Functional Hypertrophy & Endurance Program


This includes 5 different types of dumbbell workouts by Jeff Hirsch. This 5 day a week calendar which can be repeated for multiple weeks.  Using dumbbells, we focus on muscle hypertrophy training and endurance conditioning. You will build muscular size and endurance through focused isolation movements as well as compound full body movements. You will also increase your ability to perform complex aerobic exercises and improve overall athletic ability.

Who is the Ideal Client for This Program? All ages and genders can follow these workouts.

Shoulders & Arms Workout:

  • 35 minute workout
  • 8 exercises per body part
  • We incorporate double drop sets to create a tremendous muscle burn, while focusing on hypertrophy. The bonus round is a back to back relentless arms and shoulders finisher.
  • Equipment required : light, medium and heavy dumbbell sets

EMOM Metcon Workout:

This workout incorporates every minute on the minute training. 8 different exercises, for 3 rounds. This gives us a total of 24 mixed sets of bodyweight and dumbbell exercises for a tough total body workout.  You will focus on the core, lower body and upper body. The bonus round is a 90 second AMRAP finisher. You will need a few sets of medium to heavy dumbbells for this workout. 35 minutes. 

Lower Body Conditioning:

20 total sets of lower body work to add strength and stamina to your legs. We utilize weighted dumbbell, body weight and isometrics exercises to create time under tension which results in hypertrophy and overall lower body conditioning. This 30 minute workout will require a few sets of light to medium weight dumbbells.

Chest & Back Push / Pull:

40 total sets of high volume push and pull work. We focus on the chest and back and use rapid fire sets to work on hypertrophy and muscular endurance. This functional workout will keep your heart rate high and your muscles firing. 42 minutes. A few sets of medium to heavy dumbbells are recommended.

Dumbbell Conditioning Circuit:

5 Exercises repeated for 4 rounds plus a 2 minute finisher. This workout will challenge you in a whole new way, taking your cardiovascular conditioning to a different level. You will work on core strength, plyometrics and muscular conditioning. Each round gets progressively harder as you become more fatigued. The work to rest intervals as 45/20 and 60/20. You will need a few sets of medium weight dumbbells. 30 minutes.

Recommended Workout Path
  • Day 1 EMOM Metcon Workout
  • Day 2 Shoulder & Arms Workout
  • Day 3 Conditioning Circuit Workout
  • Day 4 Chest & Back Push Pull Workout
  • Day 5 Lower Body Conditioning Workout
This 5 day a week calendar designed to be repeated for multiple weeks.

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