SandBell Workout Sandbags

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SandBell Workout Sandbags


Hyperwear patented soft neoprene SandBell workout sandbags reinvented free weight exercise by combining the best features of dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, slam balls, and sandbag training into one powerful weight training tool. 

The SandBell is great for traditional free weight and sandbag workouts as well as explosive power movements like slams, tosses, and throws. Its versatility makes it ideal for general strength and conditioning, endurance-based circuit training, weight loss, and sports performance. The neoprene sand disc design allows you to grip a SandBell with one hand, and use it safely indoors and out.

The SandBell hits not only the targeted muscle groups but also challenges grip strength by engaging the hand, wrist, and forearm with every move. The dynamic shift and instability of the moving sand inside the SandBell also provides a unique training effect that engages your core and stabilizer muscles. The patented, innovative disc design and sand filling allow for the weight to expand and force to dissipate over the surface area of the workout sandbag. This makes the SandBell durable and extremely safe for all ages and surfaces.

A SandBell is tough enough to withstand any punishment you can throw at it. It can be used for indoor and outdoor training, making it ideal for everything from group fitness classes to boot camps and sports conditioning.