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Lombardi, Brilliance at Basics


This program is normally found inside our Battle Rope monthly memberships which include 8 full 4 to 12 week programs, hours of follow along workouts and movement demonstrations. View Membership through 'Memberships' tab in the header of our website!

When you decide to transform one or many aspects of your life, it is brilliance in the basics that will be your most powerful attribute and ally.

Whether your transformation is mental, physical, spiritual, financial, or relational, you must understand and apply the basic fundamental principles in that aspect of your life to succeed in spanning the transformation gap.

With physical change, it is consistency in your training, recovery, nutrition, hydration, and supplementation that will create the desired results.

For mental change it is your daily devotion to change how you think, talk, act, and react to your surroundings, that will propel you into new psychological realities.

These are the two areas that we will focus on for this 4 Week Training Progression. Whether your training three times per week (recommended for the beginner), or you are crazy enough to do this training six days per week, make every day a challenge that will be conquered with your positive mindset and physical prowess.