Live Oak, Texas: Kettlebell Fundamentals Course at Gold's Gym on June 11th, 2022

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Live Oak, Texas: Kettlebell Fundamentals Course at Gold's Gym on June 11th, 2022


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This Kettlebell Fundamentals course takes an understanding of hard style and kettlebell sport and is able to navigate the gray area between those two styles of kettlebell training, delivering a simple yet masterful approach to teaching the difficult techniques of kettlebell (like swings, cleans, and snatches). This course provides incredible tips, techniques, and tricks to improve your movement patterns, kettlebell movement, breath work, and engagement.

  • Open attendance for anyone!
  • Saturday, June 11th, 2022 from 10-4 PM PST!
  • Gold's Gym Live Oak,  7937 Pat Booker Rd, Live Oak, TX 78233
  • Earn a certificate of completion  with Pre Approved CEU/CEC (providers below
  • Earn CEUs!

Course Info:

  • Duration: 6 Hours
  • User Level: Beginner to Advanced. No experience needed to take this course
  • Goes Well With: Battle Rope Fundamentals
  • Best Program to Do After This Course: Kettlebells Advanced Course
  • Delivery: When you purchase this, get a downloadable PDF of the course as well as online access to videos for each section to go with your live attendance.

Course Demonstration:

    Pre approved for CEUs!

    kettlebell certification kettlebell certification kettlebell certification


    ***  Course hours at bottom of page. Don't see your provider? Many people have taken our courses without their provider being on the pre-approved list. To our knowledge, no one has been refused credits by simply manually applying to their provider for credits. View more CEU details at the bottom of description. If you take our course and are turned down for credits, we will reimburse you for the course! 

    What is Covered in Kettlebell Fundamentals Course?

    Learn the fundamentals before you move on to anything else. This course is designed to Achieve Certificate of Completion. 

    This course is designed to achieve safe and effective performance of basic kettlebell movements and a handful of meaningful variations that will elevate your skills a coach. Created for trainers who want to teach others as well as those who just want to move better with kettlebells to maximize their own workouts.  Complete the assessments at the end and earn a certificate of completion. After this course you should be able to demonstrate the following:

    1. Safety 101 to keep yourself and your client from harm

    2. Why it's important to focus on the breath

    3. Our favorite mobility warmup and screening

    4. How to prepare for the rigors of kettlebell work

    5. The hinge leading into the deadlift and variations

    6. The swing and variations 

    7. The clean and variations 

    8. The press and variations

    Pass assessments when you complete the course and earn a certificate of completion!

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      Other Perks of the Course:

      • When you take the course, ask us about hiring opportunities with partner gyms we teach these to
      • Get exclusive Living.Fit discounts to other courses by NASM created for our community by NASM

      Earn a Certificate:



      • AFAA: Living.Fit is recognized by the Athletics and Fitness
        Association of America as an Approved Continuing Education Provider. 6 AFAA CEUs for this course
      • NASM: Living.Fit is recognized by the National Academy of Sports Medicine as an Approved Continuing Education Provider. 0.6 NASM CEUs for this course.
      • NCSF: Living.Fit is recognized  as an Approved Continuing Education Provider. 
        • 3 CEUs for Fundamentals Course
        • 6 CEUs for Advanced Course

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