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Hyper Vest Tactical Weight Vest



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Newest innovation in Hyperwear's line of Hyper Vest weighed vests, Hyperwear introduces the Hyper Vest® TAC tactical weighted vest body weight vest system. "TAC" means Tactical, Adjustable, and Comfortable highlighting the features of the new tactical style weight vest men and women love for intense crossfit workouts and fitness training. Load from 1/2 lbs to 40 lbs using our patent pending Flexible Weight™ vest plates. The Hyper Vest TAC plate carrier vest weighted vest includes either two or four 10 pound weight plates (10 lb plate pairs also available for upgrades). The heaviest Hyper Vest model, its flexible plates, adjustable weight load, adjustable fit, breathable open sides and comfortable padding make it the most advanced tactical style weight vest for running and training. Like plate carrier vests for law enforcement and the military, there is laser cut MOLLE hook and loop for patches and accessories - USA flag and HYPERWEAR brand patch are included. A generous top front pocket holds a cell phone and is large enough to hold endurance gels.

Select either our 20 pound or 40 pound models that include either two or four of our 10 lb Flexible Weight plates. Unlike most trainer plate carrier vests, plates are included for convenience. Purchase the 20 pound model and up-level your weight vest in the future by purchasing an additional pair of 10 lb plates or our blue 9 lb trapezoidal shape plates.

To add or subtract weight, simply open the flap at the bottom of the flexible weight plate and slide the small weights in and out of the channels. Semi-rigid heavy duty plastic sheets on the top and bottom are designed to give the feel of a metal plate, but bend for comfort and performance. Flexible Weight plates fit most plate carrier backpacks making a weighted backpack with backpack weights that are adjustable.

The design also allows easy insertion and removal of the whole plate to and from the plate compartment in your tactical weight vest. Our Flexible Weight plate weights are also made with recycled steel pellets sourced in the USA - a better choice than buying multiple solid metal iron plates to change weight.

Already have a plate carrier vest that you want to upgrade with Flexible Weight vest plates? Purchase a pair of our blue trapezoidal shape 9lb Flexible Weight vest plates that will allow you to adjust weight. Compatible with the full size 5.11 TacTec® plate carrier (but NOT the "Trainer" model), the Wolf Tactical weight vest, TRIBE WOD tactical weight vest and many other models - contact us to check about your model.