Hyper Vest PRO Weight Vest

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Hyper Vest PRO Weight Vest

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Hyper Vest PRO adjustable weighted vest is nothing less than revolutionary. The innovative design features a unique fabric control system that hugs the body for an extremely comfortable fit but does not restrict range of motion. The patented design flexes in the horizontal plane but not in the vertical plane, allowing for full chest expansion for breathing while keeping the weights in place even during vigorous, multi-plane movements.

The breathable, odor-resistant, wicking fabric and generous open side panels provide superior ventilation. Highly adjustable side lacing and slim profile allow for exceptional fit and comfort. To determine the best weight vest size for your height and weight please view our Sizing Chart. For walking use and to build bone density with an osteopenia or osteoporosis diagnosis we recommend sizing up in the vest from your usual shirt size for maximum comfort.

The 1/4" thick high-density steel weights make this weight vest barely detectable under a shirt. The Hyper Vest PRO 10 lbs weight vest uses high-density steel weights and is fully adjustable to a lighter or heavier weight capacity.

The individual weight bar weighs 2.25oz each and can be easily removed, or additional weights can be added. Check out the video above. Each pocket can hold two weights and weights can be arranged across pockets to change weight distribution.

Described as the best weight vest by Men's Health Magazine, the Hyper Vest PRO can be used for sports performance training, tactical training for fire, police, and military as well as general fitness, strength training, and rehabilitation.