Hyper Rope Weighted Jump Rope

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Hyper Rope Weighted Jump Rope


The Hyper Rope Jump Rope is a weighted flexible jump rope with a premium braided construction. The rope is approximately 9ft 9 in long and weighs 7.5 lbs.

The patented design of the Hyper Rope Jump Rope creates a challenging workout that is more dynamic and challenging than an unweighted jump rope.

The rope allows for a huge variety of exercises that build muscle, burn fat and develop extreme core strength, as well as all types of traditional jump rope exercises.

EXPERIENCE the benefits of a flexible weighted jump rope, the ideal gym rope or addition to your home exercise equipment. Take heavy jump rope training to a new level with fun and challenging partner friendly moves. Working out with a weighted jump rope engages muscles throughout your body. You will see strengthening of your core, calves, quads, glutes, biceps, shoulders, and abs beyond what is possible with a jump rope.

FLEXIBLE METAL core surrounded by a soft-braided rope compresses 7.5 lbs of weight into a short, responsive, dense rope that challenges your muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance. US Patent 11278758.

PREMIUM QUALITY braided 100% polyester construction made in the USA and Canada that is easy on floors, quieter and clean. No shedding fibers that come from cheaper Poly Dacron ropes for working out. Hand-finished ribbed handle to improve grip.

DESIGNED to outlast pro weighted jump ropes backed by a one year warranty with free weighted jump ropes training content available from Hyperwear.