Hyper Rope Battle Ropes

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Hyper Rope Battle Ropes

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The Hyper Rope battle rope alternative is a weighted flexible fitness rope with a premium braided construction. Level up your fitness ropes workout anytime, anywhere. *The Standard model is approximately 20 ft long and weighs approximately 15 lbs. The ELITE model is approximately 25 ft long and weighs approximately 19 lbs.

AWARDED "Best Home Gym Battle Rope" and "Best Cardio Tool" by Men's Health in its 2022 and 2023 Home Gym Awards.

NO ANCHOR: A battle rope alternative, the Hyper Rope weighted rope does not need to be anchored, and one single Hyper Rope delivers the intensity of a traditional battle ropes workout in less than 1/4 the space. The patented Hyper Rope creates a challenging workout that is more dynamic than an anchored rope. US Patent 11278785

The unanchored Hyper Rope allows for a huge variety of exercises that build muscle, burn fat and develop extreme core strength, as well as all types of traditional battle rope wave exercises.

THE FUTURE of rope training bringing all the benefits of fitness rope exercise equipment without the limitations of a fixed anchor point and need for large spaces, expanding the exercise possibilities into the 100's indoors and out.

EXPERIENCE the benefits of a 50FT rope battle ropes workout in only 6-10FT of space making the Hyper Rope the ideal gym rope or addition to your home exercise equipment. Take group rope training to a new level with fun and challenging partner friendly moves.

FLEXIBLE METAL core surrounded by a soft-braided rope compresses the weight of long standard battle ropes into a short, responsive, dense rope that floats above the floor at your feet. No anchor means more training options.

PREMIUM QUALITY braided 100% polyester construction made in the USA and Canada that is easy on floors, quieter and clean. No shedding fibers that come from cheaper Poly Dacron ropes for working out. Hand-finished ribbed handle to improve grip.

DESIGNED to outlast other battling ropes and backed by a one year warranty with free strength ropes training content available from Hyperwear. Save - no anchor mount needed.