Gym Mat (Set of 4)

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Gym Mat (Set of 4)


Gym Mat 

Rubber Mats are currently on pre-order. These will ship when they are restocked within 7-10 business days of December 20, 2023.

  • SET OF 4: These ship in sets of 4. If you add one unit to your cart, you will receive 4 pieces of flooring.

Quality & Design:

  • WARRANTY: Six years
  • CHOOSE: From EVA or Rubber flooring (more details below)
  • FOR: Residential and commercial use
  • QUALITY: Spike resistance: self-healing
  • DURABILITY: Extra heavy-duty black rubber
  • LOCK: Together with other pieces to prevent spreading

Rubber Mat


  • MEASURES:  Comes with 4 pieces. Each piece measures 19.09 inches by 19.09 inches
  • THICKNESS: Ideal 10mm thickness for max protection (0.4 inches)

Our rubber gym mat is constructed from high-quality, dense rubber, ensuring it can stand up to the toughest workouts. Rubber ideal is if you want to protect against heavy weight. It's designed to withstand the weight of heavy exercise equipment and the constant impact of rigorous training sessions. Our gym mat's textured surface provides outstanding traction and grip, helping you maintain stability during weightlifting, HIIT, or any high-impact activity. We recommend rubber for more heavy training.

EVA Mats 

Size & Dimensions

  • MEASURES:  Comes with 4 pieces. Each piece measures 2.0 feet by 2.0 feet.
  • THICKNESS: Ideal 10mm thickness for max protection (0.4 inches)

Our EVA gym mat is engineered to withstand the rigors of even the most intense workouts. Its high-density EVA foam construction ensures long-lasting durability, maintaining its shape and support over time.

This means you can depend on it for countless workouts, whether it's yoga, Pilates, weightlifting, or bodyweight exercises. The cushioning provided by this gym mat is second to none. The shock-absorbing EVA foam offers exceptional support to protect your joints during high-impact exercises, reducing the risk of injuries and making your workouts more

Reach Your Fitness Goals:

  • FLOORING can be used to protect your floors when you push yourself during tough workouts  
  • MAKE progress to your goals by being able to more comfortably workout on hard or unprotected floors 

Our Reviews:

  • REVIEWS: Living.Fit is focused on building high quality products and focusing on customer service. Our items have an overall rating of 5 stars with 200+ reviews on Amazon (see image below). Recognized For Quality - Over 200+ 5 Star Reviews Across the Web (More Below)
  • 'I like this product it has excellent quality and these dumbbells won't roll on you like most will once you set them down.Would recommend this vendor to anyone' - Healthy Guy
  • 'Living fit was outstanding throughout the process of my purchase. My dumbbells arrived on time individually (and when that concerned me they kept in contact with me and ensured I received my order). If you're looking for someone to buy dumbbells from, there's no one more worthy than them.' - Amazon Customer


    • IF FOR DUMBBELL SETS: We recommend purchasing at least two mats if you are purchasing with our dumbbell rack with the goal of placing the mats under our dumbbell rack

    Are you in search of a versatile flooring option that meets all your needs? Your quest ends here with the remarkable custom cut 10 mm mats! These mats possess a multitude of features, including a surface that offers excellent grip and relief from fatigue. Their adaptability makes them an ideal choice for various locations. Enhance safety and comfort in your home gym or commercial weight room by incorporating these rolls into your flooring.

    Additionally, they prove invaluable in basement and playroom settings, providing a soft and cushioned surface for children to engage in their playful activities. Their exceptional resilience against spike damage also renders them perfect for locker rooms and pet care facilities. Moreover, if you desire a durable and slip-resistant surface outdoors, the 10 mm mats have got you covered on decks, patios, boats, and boat docks. Truly, these rolls serve as the ultimate all-in-one flooring solution that caters to your every requirement, surpassing your expectations.