EQualizer & Lebert Resistance Bar Bundle

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EQualizer & Lebert Resistance Bar Bundle


Introducing the EQualizer & Lebert Resistance Bar Bundle!

How do you make the EQualizer better? You give it a partner that makes it even more effective!!!

The Resistance Bar was designed to help you build strength and burn fat by performing full body or isolation exercises easily and efficiently. It easily disassembles into two pieces so you can store it or take it with you anywhere, is made to last and is compatible with any resistance bands.

With the EQualizer and Bar combined, your exercise options are virtually limitless.

Lebert EQualizer 

  • Perfect For Home Gym, Studios & Bootcamps; Over 100 body-weight strength exercises for the beginner to the advanced
  • Full Body Workout - This high-quality functional fitness dip stand station with stabilizing challenger bars is perfect for full body bodyweight resistance exercises such as dips, push and pull ups, L-sits, knee and leg raises, stretches and more.
  • Gym Grade Quality; Each steel bar features a durable solid foam grip and supports up to 400 pounds
  • Dimensions:  28.5"H x 25"W, Each bar weighs 8 pounds

Lebert Resistance Bar

  • Burn Fat and Build Strength with Resistance Bands - Studies show that training with resistance bands provide similar strength gains to using conventional gym equipment and can lower fat in overweight people better than other forms of exercise.
  • Versatile and Effective: Our high-quality resistance bar allows you to do countless strength training exercises including chest press, dead lift, squats, upright row, biceps curl, shoulder presses, triceps extension and many more.
  • Made to Last, Comfortable & Heavy-Duty Construction: this 36” long and 4lb bar is constructed of iron tube with comfortable and durable foam pads.
  • Easy Set-Up & Compatible with All Resistance Bands: Unique rotating carabineer clips allows 360 degrees swivel for smoother movement and easy loading of resistance bands. 


    • Two (2) EQualizer bars with durable foam handles,
    • One (1) Lebert Resistance Bar,
    • Two 41”, 100% Latex Resistance Bands;
      • 1/2" RED-Mini (13mm) 15-35lbs Resistance
      • 3/4" YELLOW–Small (19mm) 20-60lbs Resistance
      • No Gym, No Problem instructional exercise video
      • FREE access to ongoing support and coaching through the private Facebook Lebert Fitness Health and Wellness Group
      • FREE access to the private Lebert Fitness Resource Centre - your one stop shop for exclusive workout videos, product information and news, a network of fitness experts and curated product discounts from other fitness and wellness companies we respect. 

      • FREE access to monthly LIVE workout sessions with a Lebert Master Trainer