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Dumbbells + Resistance Band Set Combo


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  • Any single or pair of dumbbells selected on this page ships automatically with Set of 4 Resistance Bands. Includes a 25% discount resistance price built in automatically in total price. Resistance Bands in these combos are $22.49 compared to $29.99

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Dumbbells + Resistance Bands Set of 4

Dumbbell Details:

  • INCLUDES: Any pair of dumbbells selected on this page ships automatically with Set of 4 Resistance Bands. Includes a 25% discount resistance price built in automatically in total price. 
  • HANDLE DIAMETERS: 1.3 Inches for all dumbbells
    • HOME USE: Lifetime
    • COMMERCIAL: 2 Years
  • GUARANTEE: Weight tolerance guarantee to within 3% of stated weight
  • QUALITY: Solid cast dumbbell encased in rubber. Protect your floor!
  • TEXTURE: Textured handle for easy grip
  • SINGLES or PAIRS: These dumbbells are sold as singles or pairs.  Dumbbells on this page are sold as either singles or pairs of weight. For example, if you select '35 LB Single', that is one 35 Dumbbell. If you select '35 LB Pair', that is two '35 LB Dumbbells'. For larger sets of 10 plus pairs view Dumbbell Sets here
  • SHAPE: Perform stable floor movements without rolling due to hexagon shape
  • ERGONOMIC HANDLES: Handles gently slope to become a bit wider in the middle to more accurately fit the shape of your hand
  • WORKOUTS: Get muscle building and fat burning workout ideas for Living.Fit!
  • SETS: View Dumbbell Sets here
  • EARN: Discounts on other Living.Fit items with purchase (see below)

Recognized Around The Internet For Quality 

Customer Quotes:

'I bought these to replace a set I I bought at a local pharmacy/variety store for lightweight workouts. Unlike the original pair, which began to shed their rubber coating almost immediately, these are well-made with sturdy hard rubber coatings on their ends. They are comfortable to handle and will last a long time. Delivery time was quick.' - Terry

Resistance Bands Details: 

  • COMBO: Resistance Bands in these combos are $22.49 compared to $29.99
  • USE: Try these with any workouts! Build any muscle on your body from arms to chest, legs and more! Different sizes for different resistance levels. Use for pull up assist as well!
  • RESISTANCE LEVELS: Set of 4 Bands. Red, 10-35LB, Black, 30-60LB, Purple, 40-80LB, Green, 50-125LB
  • QUANTITY: Purchase as individual bands or save on full set!
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY: We will replace any band if it were to snap!
  • WORKOUTS: Workout available to reach your goals!

Recognized Around the Internet for Quality:

Multiple Resistance Band Levels & Sets Available

'I like this product it has excellent quality and these dumbbells wont roll on you like most will once you set them down. Would recommend this vendor to anyone' - Healthy Guy

'Living fit was outstanding throughout the process of my purchase. My dumbbells arrived on time individually (and when that concerned me they kept in contact with me and ensured I received my order). If you're looking for someone to buy dumbbells from, there's no one more worthy than them.' - Amazon Customer

'Great weights for a very good price and they were deliver on time!' - George

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What is Important?

There are hundreds of online sellers of fitness products. We focus on high quality products and creating the best experience possible. Our team has decades of experience in service and fitness to support you. We understand that high quality and creating a pristine experience is what makes the difference for you. We are here to answer your questions both pre and post purchase. We also have greats workout ideas in the shipment you receive.

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      Take your dumbbells with for a workout anywhere! Rubber encased dumbbells won't roll around as easy or clank together in transport!