Dumbbell Fury 28 Day Workout Program

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Dumbbell Fury 28 Day Workout Program


Program Introduction:

When purchased, you will receive separate access from other Living.Fit programs. This program is NOT included in our Full Access Membership.

Transform your body using the 28 Day Dumbbell Fury Workout Program and Unleash The
Power of the “MROT Method” to help you build muscle, burn fat and get into amazing shape. Master Metabolic Trainer and Fitness Expert Funk Roberts brings you this fitness breakthrough using Metabolic Resistance Overload Training which is backed by science to help with body recompositing by tapping to metabolic stress, muscle damage, volume training and EMOM (The “Afterburn Effect” …and when combined with total body circuits you can a powerful result driven program to help you build muscle and burn fat. The program uses 4 total body follow along workouts that last 24 minutes where you will train right along with Funk Roberts as he guides you, coaches you, trains with you and sweats right alongside you.

Plus, you get a 4-week schedule to ensure you can follow the plan to get results, along with
follow along warm up and stretch routines, so you don’t get injured. Everything is accessible on a protected website and also the Funk fitness Shred app if you prefer to train from you phone or tablet. The best part is all you need is a set of 20s and 30s-pound dumbbells and you ready to get shredded and fit!

Who is the Ideal Client for This Program? All ages over 18, all genders and all
fitness levels can follow these workouts

Plan Info:

  • Program Delivery: Available through Funk Roberts’ protected website & the Funk Fitness Shred Workout App ( iOS, Apple TV and Android)  Follow along with videos on your computer or mobile device. When you purchase this program you will receive an email with confirmation link and instructions on how to access the program through Funk Roberts
  • Equipment Needed: 1 Pair of Dumbbells although in the program Funk is specifically using 20s and 30s pound Living Fit Dumbbells.
  • Duration: 28 Days, 24 Minutes Workout Video (not include short warm up and stretch)
  • Weekly Schedule: You will perform 4 total body workouts per week (Monday Wednesday-Friday and Saturday)
  • User Level: Beginner to Advanced
  • Goal: Build lean muscle and burn fat