Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist™ Course

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Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist™ Course


Based on Science - Designed for the Individual.

Instead of "teaching" you 101 different diet modalities and no way to apply them, you will learn how to implement a PROVEN SCIENCE BASED Nutrition Philosophy and gain the knowledge to develop and test your own Nutrition Philosophy guaranteed to give your clients results. 

Learn to Create Your Own Economy.

You will learn how to structure your nutrition counseling business so that it creates immediate income, how to have your clients continue to renew with you, and to continue to create a residual income based on your knowledge even after they have completed their one on one work with you.

Build Your Nutrition Coaching Career with a Proven Nutrition SYSTEM & CUSTOM Nutrition Component

that Provides Measurable Results for Your Clients!

ENW's Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist™ program is perfect for beginner and advanced Personal Trainers, Certified Life Coaches, Registered Dietitians, Certified Nutrition Coaches, Certified Diabetes Educators, RNs, Certified Fitness Nutritionists, as well as anyone wanting the opportunity to increase their income* by providing their current clients with the missing component for guaranteed success – sound nutrition programs along with the psychology and strategies only our program can provide.

  • Grow Your Business
  • Increase Your Client Value
  • Increase Your Profitability
  • Earn Your Continuing Education Units