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Battle Ropes Membership


Learn How to Use One of the Most Effective and Versatile Tools in Your Gym to Build Muscle or Burn Fat!

Get access to some of the most highly educated instructors in the world and ask questions anytime! Great instructors and great education equals you accomplishing your fitness goal. All plans are research backed. (Instructor bio at bottom of page)

  • ALL plans are normally $49.99 each individually! Get All 10 Plans + new monthly releases!  ($500 Value)
  • HIIT Workout Library + Movement Library + Digestion, Nutrition, Recovery, Joint Mobility, Sleep, Stretching & Flexibility

This membership is annual and you will automatically get access to all new monthly battle rope plan releases.

What Makes Living.Fit Different?

Interact with some of the most highly qualified trainers in the world anytime. Any question you have about movement or workouts can be asked directly for better results! Additionally, get new weekly releases in articles and videos about different fitness topics to help you gain knowledge. 

  • Join Over 50,000 Members. This is a community of people just like you and get a plan to reach your individual goal!

  • Science Backed Workouts. Our workouts are created by some of the most educated trainers on the web!

  • Learn Your Way. Choose from follow along workout videos or download a tracker to fill in at your pace

WHAT MAKES A GOOD WORKOUT PLAN?  A well rounded workout plan  includes components for power, strength, endurance and durability.  Traditionally, you need tons of different equipment to provide these for clients. 

FULL BODY WORK. Often thought of as a finisher or tool for your upper body, battle rope workouts utilize muscles in your glutes, back, abs and can be used to build legs with lunges, squats and jumps.  Ropes can be  power, strength or endurance.

SAFETY.  Compared to loaded weights, ropes are safer for clients because the rope is limited to the power you create

CLASSES. Train high level athletes and beginners in the same class because you get out of the rope what you put in, rather than being dependent on needing a variety of weights or equipment available. Wide degrees of clients use the same rope

Reach Your Goals with a Plan

Get unparalleled value with access the most expert instruction in battle ropes, recovery and more on the web! Living.Fit puts the very best instruction in fitness at your fingertips.

Learn from the best.  Aaron Guyett is the Battle Ropes & Fitness Programs Manager for Living.Fit with a decade of battle rope coaching, teaching, and programming. Aaron systematically breaks down force, so each participant knows exactly how to program movements, metabolic pathways, and mindset to get the most out of your own training and the training of your clients, athletes, and classes.