Balanced Habits™ Foundation Nutrition + Prediabetes Education Course

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Balanced Habits™ Foundation Nutrition + Prediabetes Education Course


As a Fitness Professional, it’s commonly known that nutrition is responsible for 80% of your clients’ overall results.

Balanced Habits™ provides the most comprehensive nutrition programming in the market.  With countless resources and programs dedicated to exercise, unfortunately there is very little available regarding practical, “real-world” (applicable) nutrition.

A Message from the Creator:

As a Fitness or Health Coach, it's important to stay at the top of your game by receiving various certifications to be up-to-date and relevant in your industry. Certifications add value to your resume and allow you to charge top dollar.  The Balanced Habits™ Foundation Nutrition Course is recognized and accredited by NASM and AFAA and will add .9 CEU’s to your continuing education.

Because Balanced Habits™ has supported over 200,000 people to live a higher quality of life through proper nutrition these past three + decades, we have included an entire chapter dedicated to something you can’t learn from a book.  Counseling.

The Foundation Nutrition Course includes a chapter solely dedicated to providing you the expertise on how to counsel your clients to reach their desired outcomes.  After all, if you are unable to show empathy, counsel and emotionally support your clients with their nutrition, they will not reach their goals.  Period.

And totally new is a chapter dedicated to prediabetes and Type 2 diabetes; which is absolutely THE epidemic of our generation.  Together with our Balanced Habits™ RDN and Diabetes Educator, we felt this information was important enough to be its own chapter.

Your clients deserve a well-rounded and expertly educated Nutrition Coach and the Balanced Habits™ Foundation Nutrition Course absolutely delivers that opportunity.