3mm Agility Knee Sleeves

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3mm Agility Knee Sleeves


When Ideal Support Meets The Freedom Of Movement

Imagine wearing your favorite pair of knee sleeves during your workout. Now imagine them more lightweight and with increased compression, yet made in a way that doesn’t limit your mobility and at the same time allows for better breathability.

Element 26 is well aware of the needs our athletes and gym enthusiasts have, which is why we’ve spared no effort in creating the ultimate form of pressure distribution and stabilization for your knees.

Meet our brand-new 3mm Agility Knee Sleeves!

Your ideal form of support, paired with a three-millimeter profile to give you just the right amount of protection and stretch, no matter if you’re planning on hitting the gym or running a marathon.

It’s your peak comfort due to its hybrid nylon-elastic blend and your peak performance due to its light and compact nature.

Don’t let your intensive workouts bring you down on your knees. Put on a pair and shoot past all of your previous PRs, risk-free!

  • Crafted from a hybrid nylon-elastic blend for a balance in mobility and durability
  • Uniform 3mm thick profile for improved breathability and greater comfort
  • Sweat-wicking and skin-friendly for an odorless, zero-rash experience
  • Custom-fit design for the perfect knee joint compression and safety
  • Lifetime warranty included with your purchase