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We started this business in September of 2013 because we liked working out with kettlebells and saw what we thought was a gap in the market that did not benefit consumers. High quality kettlebells were very expensive and charged outrageous amounts of money to ship within the United States. Our three founders are competitive by nature and set out to solve this problem for consumers as well as build something our creative juices and work ethic could be poured into after working in big companies since college. After launch, we had to work hard alongside some of the foremost kettlebell experts in the world to tweak and refine our kettlebell models until we believed we had created some of the best kettlebells in the world based on their feedback. 


As our business grew we identified another major gap we thought existed. Most people still did not know how to use these things! By now most people know they should use kettlebells, but do not know what to do them. We became obsessed with creating high quality content to go with our equipment designed to show how to train safely and effectively with kettlebells. We worked with the same experts as before to put all of their knowledge on to paper and video and it is what has become https://www.kettlebellkings.com/blog and Living.Fit.

Our goal is to spread the gospel of kettlebell training because we know it is one of the ultimate pieces of training equipment in the world. Kettlebells allow for infinite combinations of movements, repetitions, timed workouts, functional strength and aesthetics. We absolutely believe kettlebells cannot be topped for training and our goal is to create helpful content for those in our community to get maximal use out of the equipment they purchase from us.


Going into our 5th year of business we have been able to see the impact that the content, workouts and kettlebells we create have on customers' lives. We receive tons of feedback from our community about how they love the workouts and content. Our community shares with us their success stories of losing weight, building muscle and getting moving again. These are impacts we would have never thought about when we started the business. We have fully embraced our role in creating the equipment and content we put out in the world to help people feel better, take better care of themselves and improve their quality of life. Our mission is to create something for our community now and something that others can build upon in the future for the betterment of others. 


Living.fit is on a mission to inspire a healthier planet through fitness by creating the knowledge to move better, feel better and look better with our education, training, and certifications.



We prioritize consistent and exponential action by being a teacher of leaders in the fitness industry.


We build our brand with relationships, and we build our relationships with massive communication.


We know that improvement doesn't happen on accident.


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