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CLOSED** Limited Time Offer For Early Sign Ups

Join Today for $99 per year, you can win over $1000 in value in prizes: 

This is a special early release offer for Levels 1 & 2 of Kettlebell & Battle Ropes Virtual Training. These are designed to help you learn foundations and prepare for live or virtual certifications or just move better. In the future, these will be separate kettlebell and battle rope training. What is Included in Level 1 & 2:

  • 50+ Kettlebell & Battle Rope Videos
  • Ebook With Tons of Kettlebell Exercise Demonstrations
  • Getting Started With Kettlebells
  • Beginner 4 Week Kettlebells Program
  • Intermediate Kettlebell Program
  • Foundational Flows With Breathe, Engagement, Hinge, Squat, Push, Pull
  • How To Better Grip the Battle Rope
  • How To Tie Your Rope
  • 9 Exercises for Bigger Arms
  • 23 Exercises to Burn Fat
  • Nutrition, Recovery, Stretching, Detoxification, Mindset and more! 

Certification Structure

This offer is for Level 1 and 2 Kettlebell Virtual Training, designed to prepare for certifications or just get better kettlebell workouts. 

We will be rolling out two certifications, one 4 hour certification to learn basics and one fully immersive 2 Day Certification. For each length of certification, you will be able to attend a live event or take the same course online and be required to make submissions of video and testing for certification. We are releasing Levels 1 and 2 in the next two months which you should use to learn movements taught in certifications. 

What Is Included Today:

Join today to be automatically entered to win 2 Battle Ropes of your choice a set of kettlebells with 4,6,8,12,16,20,24,28 and 32 Kilograms in either Powder Coat or Competition Kettlebells, your choice! PLUS MORE! 

Potentially Win:

  • Entered to Win - 2 Battle Rope Sizes of Your Choice
  • Entered to Win - Full Set of Kettlebell Kings Kettlebells!

Included in $99 Sign Up Offer: 

  • Pre Order Marcus Martinez & Kettlebell Kings Level 1 & 2 Virtual Training in March 
  • Pre Order Aaron Guyett Battle Ropes Exercises Level 1 & 2 Virtual Training in February (normally $120 per year)
  • 25% off your next kettlebell or battle rope purchase
  • Over 2 Months Free - normally $120 per year, sign up today for $99 for year - Over 20% Off!
  • Kettlebell Kings T-Shirt (below)

What is Different?

We are offering virtual training for our Levels 1 and 2 so event attendance is not mandatory. The movement taught in these certifications differs from others is the ability to transition from position to position and utilize a variety of one plans in one fluid movement. This is compared to more rigid movements and no transitions in other certifications. We believe by learning foundational movements first, then expanding into a flow of movements allows for more creativity and enjoyment in kettlebell training.


  • While we finish production of virtual training, get access to weekly movement breakdowns about kettlebell movement and flow from Marcus as well as battle ropes training from Aaron Guyett not available to the public!
  • Get Instant Access to all of our Nutritional, Recovery, Stretching
  • Meal Planning content and more! 
  • Monthly Challenges to win apparel!

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This is a limited time offer just for people who signed up for further information about our upcoming kettlebell certifications and virtual training. As we release the training in the next 2 months, our greater email list and social channels will be able to access the offers for $120 per year.