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14 Day Trial of Kettlebells Continuing Education Level 3

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Learn from the best. Marcus Martinez CSCS, RKC, IKFF 

Flow Strong: 4 Weeks to Move Better and Get Stronger 
This four week program breaks down the intricacies of multi-planar movements with a kettlebell and your body to help you build strength at every angle. Not only will you increase strength and awareness you’ll teach your body how to move in ways you never have before making you a more efficient and effective athlete.  
4 Week Band Shred: Fat Loss Anywhere 
This program requires minimal equipment, but will yield awesome results. Harness the elastic power of bands to build athletic strength and power while shedding body fat with this full body program. This program is perfect for the person that wants to maintain their strength and athleticism, but is always on the road or just doesn’t want to be tied down to a single location. Either way you’ll build strength, shed fat, and get stronger!  
Double Gains: 6 Weeks to Strength and Size 
This program is all about unleashing the power of double kettlebell exercises. By doubling up you increase the potential strength and size you can gain from kettlebell workouts while staying lean and athletic. You’ll need a few pairs of kettlebells ranging from light to heavy, but be prepared to see some incredible gains in strength and power.
  • Access to Level 3 - Growing Library of 4 to 12 Week Programs
  • 4 Week Band and Bodyweight Program
  • 12 Week Progress to Flow Program
  • Access to Level 2 - Growing Library of Exercise Demo's, Movement Breakdowns, and Follow-along Workouts
  • Access to Level 1 - Benefits, FAQ's, E-book, and more.

The trial will give you access to the Level 3, Level 2, and Level 1 information, plus weekly challenges and more. Once the trial is up, it is $17.99 per month.