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Turbo Fat Loss Program

Turbo Fat Loss - 6 Week Program

This program was designed to maximize fat loss while still building explosive strength and power. You’ll need a couple pairs of kettlebells (one lighter and one heavier) to get the best results with this program.

As with any program you embark on make sure you track your progress to make the most of the six weeks. Haphazardly performing each session without any thought of the previous sessions will only lead to random results. 

If your goal is to get stronger then the focus needs to be on using more weight and more reps. If the goal is fat loss then the focus must be on caloric intake. Without a caloric deficit zero pounds are coming off.

But when there’s a caloric deficit AND progress through intensity magic happens. 

Included when you sign up are daily workouts to follow that scale over 6 weeks to help burn fat. Full demonstrations of the movements in the workout included.

The Movements Included: 

  • Single Rep Double Clean
  • Sprawl Pushup 
  • Alternating Row
  • Alternating Back Lunge
  • Swing
  • Snatch 
  • One Arm Push up Hold 
  • Atlas Stone
  • Alternating Pushup over bell
  • Squat 
  • Squat Swing
  • See Saw Row
  • Explosive Deadlift
  • Jerk 
  • Figure 8 to Lunge 
  • Walking Alternating Swing
  • Alternating Cossack Squat 
  • Thoracic Bridge to Hand Walkout to Pushup Flow 
  • Hand Walkouts to pushups