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General Wellness + Athletic Recovery

Fuel Better Workouts & Recovery

How you fuel and take care of your body is just as important if not more than the workout itself. One of the keys to living fit and reach your fitness goals is what you do to your body when you are not working out. We have hundreds of video discussions about topics designed to fuel better workouts and lifestyle. One time purchase of $4.99. Also included is a downloadable file with meal plans and recipes! This contains a number of demonstrations about:

General Wellness

  • proper breathing & the nervous system- (SNS, PNS, diaphragm as core muscle)
  • warm up & cool down before and after exercise- (core temp warm up, osteoarticular warm up (all planes of motion), lower heart slowly
  • prioritize mobility & stability before strength & power
  • + MORE!

Athletic Recovery/Stress Management 

  • prioritize sleep-(importance of sleep, follow sleep schedule, wind down)
  • proper periodization-(off-season, post-season, pre-season, deload, etc.)
  • stretching/mobility work (prime body for performance without injury)
  • +MORE!