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Stretching, Mobility, Active Release

Move Better With Kettlebells

One of the keys to better workouts and feeling better is the extra work you put in before, after and in between workouts. Also, just taking a day to focus on these items instead of doing a grueling workout. This combo contains more than 50 thorough demonstrations of Active Release, Stretching/Flexibility and Mobility. If you can move better than you can do more with kettlebells and build better muscle. By not doing these protocol you limit your ability to move with kettlebells and therefore your ability to improve.

Active Release. Use these active release methods to loosen up your muscles and move better during kettlebell lifting. Deficiencies in muscle movement will lead to trouble in everyday life as well as lifting kettlebells, so use these methods to move better!

Stretching & Flexibility. Improve your workouts and make them safer by increasing your range of motion through stretching and mobility. The better you can move, the safer and effective your workouts will be!

Mobility. Improve your mobility in order to lift kettlebells safely and effectively. In order to get the maximum benefit from kettlebell lifting, you need to be able to utilize your full range of motion. The movements in this section will improve your passive and active range of motion.

Stretching & Mobility Demonstration:

Open Up Your Hips & Hamstrings