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Jesse Grund

High School Strength Coach, Gym Owner, and Personal Trainer/Coach

"Really good cues and strong foundational movements.

Minimum Space Athlete is a smart, effective program that checks the necessary boxes: build a strong foundation of movement, make use of all the metabolic pathways, and COACH and CUE participants to success.

Great presentation, built in resources and a lot of value in this one program."

Jon Christenson

Professional Fighter and Trainer/Coach

"I'm loving the Minimum Space Athlete program so far. I can't wait to watch how the progression builds on itself.

The lunge matrix warm-up is by far my new favorite thing!

The full body workouts are super fun and have left me drenched after each one. The sprint days are an added bonus and a quick way to build better conditioning as a combat athlete.

It’s a fun one. Love the rotation!"


"...GENIUS. The options that you gave for easy at-home equipment...really makes this a program that anyone could step into and feel comfortable with. Having resources for nutrition, sleep, mindset, mobility, etc. in the same place was definitely an added benefit." 

- Amanda Schenberg, Personal Trainer and Fitness Enthusiast


I am ready to get MSA!

Amanda Schenberg

Personal Trainer and Fitness Enthusiast

"I feel like the program was very nicely laid out and easy to follow. Troubleshooting and addressing a lot of the potential at-home-obstacles was genius. The options that you gave for easy at-home equipment as well as options for increasing or decreasing intensity depending on fitness level/injury/etc. really makes this a program that anyone could step into and feel comfortable with. Having resources for nutrition, sleep, mindset, mobility, etc. in the same place was definitely an added benefit and make the program incredibly valuable and well rounded.

I moved through the program on my phone and really enjoyed the feature that allowed the next video to play in 20 seconds; so user friendly!

As far as the set-up of the follow along workouts; I liked the how you flowed from one exercise to the next during the work/rest segments. For instance, I thought it was great that when you were introducing the exercise during the work interval it filled the screen, and then shifted to a split screen during the rest interval, allowing  you to finish cueing and allowing the consumer to see what movement was next.

The queuing was on point easy to follow. My litmus test for cueing is usually “could I follow the cues to complete the exercise even if my eyes were closed”, and I definitely could. The progressive overload programming itself was awesome and I thought it was great how you switched up day 5 a bit to keep engagement up!

Lastly, I love that you gave the “why” behind the programming of each day, including the science of energy systems, progressive overload and adaptation. I love the thought behind special awareness that this program brings and the inclusivity of being able to train like an athlete even when all you might have is a small amount of space in a spare bedroom."

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Minimum Space Athlete - 30 Day Follow-Along Bodyweight Program for All Levels

This is for anyone ready to build incredible body weight strength, and doesn’t have any equipment. This is for anyone wanting to lose weight and lose body fat. This is also for anyone who doesn’t have much room to workout. Please ask us any questions below.

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Minimum Space Athlete Is Here

Whether you are trying to build strength, lose body fat, or improve mobility, Mobility Space Athlete has the training and the nutrition to get you there. Choose from 2, 4, or 6 times per week.

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Here Is What We Have Added To Make Minimum Space Athlete Perfect For You 

Minimum Space Athlete For The Win

Minimum Space Athlete is a 30 Day Bodyweight Program, With Three Different Programming Styles:

  • Beginner (Brand New To Fitness)
  • Intermediate (Been Training for Months)
  • Advanced (Been Training For Years)
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Here Are Some Of The Benefits:

Full Body Warm-ups with Mobility

  • Improving your functional range of motion
  • Helping your Central Nervous System (CNS) and Peripheral Nervous Connection (PNS)
  • Building coordination and balance.

Push, Pull, Hinge, Squat, Rotation, and Locomotion Strength

  • Building strength in all three plane of motion
  • Improving strength in your basic human movements
  • Increasing strength for your core

Endurance Through Basic Bodyweight Movements

  • Using locomotion and contralateral bodyweight movements to build endurance
  • Building improvements in brain health through cross-patterning

Cool Downs With Mobility

  • Open-chain Mobility to improve range of motion in your joints
  • Building capacity in your movements through joint-by-joint mobility
  • Injury mitigation through daily mobility

Frequently Asked Questions 

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