Kettlebell Press

There almost infinite combinations of kettlebell press options. You can challenge yourself with the same weight just by adjusting your press


The Kettlebell Press

Learn this foundational movement in learning kettlebell movement to build strong shoulders, arms and core.


Build Strength & Core Stability


Arms, shoulders, back, core, glutes

Set Up

Clean kettlebell(s) into the rack position. The Clean should be solid so your bell is exactly where you want it to feel strongest overhead (wrist straight, elbow slightly off the body, core engaged, lat packed).

Key Points

Maintain total body tension so all the momentum is transferred into the arm rather than body. Pack lats, squeeze glutes & quads by spiraling heels in, engage abs, white knuckle fist, then press overhead. On the way down, keep shoulder down to re-engage the lat for the next press.

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Kettlebell Bent Press

Strengthens: Lats, hamstrings, shoulders, obliques

Set Up: Clean the bell into the rack position. Feet are hip width or narrower and slightly angled to one side (similar to a kettlebell windmill starting position).

The Waiter Press

Strengthens: Shoulders, lats, back, core

Set Up :Clean the kettlebell with one arm, and use that momentum to transition the bell into the palm of the opposite hand, handle facing away from the body.


Kettlebell Push Press 

Strengthens: Arms, shoulders, back, core, glutes

Set Up: Clean kettlebell(s) into rack position

Kneeling Kettlebell Press

Strengthens: Shoulders, core

Set Up: Clean kettlebell(s) into rack position, then come down into tall kneeling position.

Rotational Press

A foundational movement designed for endurance in sport lifting

Strengthens: Shoulders, upper back, lats, core

Set Up: Clean bell into rack position with wrist straight and bell handle diagonal across palm. Feet about hip width apart

Key Points: Rotate through the hips and core as you press kettlebell overhead (heels lifts on rotating hip). Return to center.


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Lunge Hold Press

Strengthens: Shoulders, hips, hamstrings, quads, glutes, core

Set Up: Clean the kettlebell into the rack position.

Applications: Builds hip strength and mobility. Improves core and shoulder strength and stability for overhead lifts. Increases leg strength. Improves balance.


Key Points To The Kettlebell Press

Build shoulder strength and a powerful core by keeping full body tension.


It would take quite some time to complete all of the possible kettlebell press variations. Even with all the movements you see above, you can change the way you hold the kettlebell to make it more challenging.

For example, you can hold the kettlebell by the base, the side or go 'bottoms up' as they say. All of those will make the kettlebell more challenging to press. 

The kettlebell press has a number of real world applications. Vertical loading builds strength of joints & ligaments, stronger shoulders, core stability and is important to establish baseline of pushing strength & stability before doing dynamic overhead movements. You can think of any type of pushing movements you do in every day life like moving objects, closing doors and more, all of that strength comes from pressing. By using these infinite kettlebell press combinations you reduce the risk of injury in these every day activities.

Avoid Common Errors: Drive is too slow, head juts too far forward and back arches, not fully straightening arm overhead, pressing bells in front of shoulders instead of stacking joints, not stabilizing overhead

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