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Kettlebells Membership (Annual)

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  • Built for those with little to no equipment or access to a full gym.
  • Workouts for all types of experience levels! 
  • Program Delivery: Available through browser, iOS and Android app!  Follow along with videos on your computer or mobile device. When you purchase, access this in one of our apps or your browser!
    • Automatically get access to programs as we add them to the library. 
    • Includes: All kettlebell workout programs on this page
  • Our team teaches trainers at 5 major gym chains & has worked with thousands of clients like you! We use that same expertise & experience to create simple to follow workout plans that will get you the results you want. 
  • Our team has been quoted in major publications for their renowned expertise in exercise and fitness. Examples in LiveStrong, EatThis & CelebWell & CNET here, here, here and here
  • Looking to create a habit? The results you get from following these workouts will help foster the motivation you need to form healthy habits and be the best version of yourself.

Membership Info:

  • Equipment Needed: Kettlebells
  • Access: You can follow and access however you prefer! Access on desktop, mobile device, cast to your TV. Saves to your device home screen just like an app.
  • Membership Types:   Monthly ($4.99/m). No Commitment. Or save with annual plan just $39.99. Renews annually ( SAVE $19.89 | 33%)
  • User Level: Beginner to Advanced
  • Goal: Burn Fat, Build Muscle, Increase Endurance
    • Burn 50 to 120 calories per 10 minutes, depending on your lean body mass, intensity, and conditioning
  • Goes Well With: Nutrition Membership

    What is Included:
    • All kettlebell workout plans viewable in our workouts
    • 10 different kettlebell workout plans + bonus plans including resistance bands, body weight and growing! Each workout plan is 30 days and can be done multiple times. This is over 360 days of current workout plans and we add more regularly!
      Questions About Any Workouts or Memberships?

      Share your question about this workout plan or membership.

      What Makes Living.Fit Different?

      Why not just follow random workouts from social media or Youtube?  The difference is expert programming. Following an expertly crafted program (this can still be fun) is how you get results, not random workouts. 

      We Build Science Backed Workouts That:

      • Build muscle & burn fat. 
        • Burn 50 to 120 calories per 10 minutes, depending on your lean body mass, intensity, and conditioning
      • Are consistent & structured
      • Expertly made for you, take the guessing out of making your own each day
      • Proven and thoughtfully designed for long term results
      • Fresh workouts with variety
      • Hit the 'easy' button. Simply follow along with video
      • Plus, learn how to use equipment properly with hundreds of movement demos in our movement libraries
      • Keep workouts challenging and exciting. 20-40 minute workouts

      A Look Inside the Workouts

      Why is Progressive Overload So Important?

      The scientifically backed formula to all the plans we create.  This is why you will get results. Progressive Overload is the gradual increase in stress that is put on your body during training. The two biggest factors are volume (repetitions) and intensity. We gradually increase this each week over the course of your plan to position you for progress. Otherwise you risk doing too much at one time or not enough at all. 

      We make adjustments to the workout each week to keep your body progressing and adapting instead of simply just using more weight each week. Each workout is part of a plan and has a specific goal and purpose.


      • Watch interviews and listen to podcasts with fitness experts to build your knowledge & results
      • Interact with some of the most highly qualified trainers in the world in Facebook Group

      Frequently Asked Questions:

      • Refund Policy. If you try any of our workout plans and do not like them, you welcome to cancel within 7 days for a full refund
      • How Do I Follow Your Programs? You can follow on desktop, mobile device
      • Is This for Home Use? Because our programs can be accessed on any device, you can do these workouts at home, at the gym or anywhere
      • Travel. Our app contains programs with bodyweight, bands or heavy equipment, this means no matter what you have available to you, we have a plan for you. 

        Why Stick to a Program/How to NOT Reach Your Fitness Goals

        Quotes from Participants in Living.Fit Workouts

        "Life Changing. These kettlebell programs are helping me get into the best shape of my life" - Freddie D

        "Just finishing up your assigned work out. Gotta say, starting to look pretty fit. All them pull-ups are GOOD! Thanks again, take care." -Rich Knox, Drummer with the band Danko Jones

        "Amazing catalogue of workout plans for life! Only been a week and a half since I started my first Living.Fit program, and I know that I made a great, lifelong investment for my health and fitness." - Kellen, Canada

        What Do Members Say About the Plans?

        • KETTLEBELL ORIGINS. "Awesome plan that teaches you the basics and gives you an awesome 4 week plan. Repeatable with higher weights as you build strength and get more comfortable with the movements. Great video explanation and in-video timer to make everything easy." - Christopher H
        • DOUBLE GAINS. "This is my second course, and am really enjoying the double gains program. It is a good workout, but gets the heart rate up and has replaced the gym routines I have been doing for too long. So important to vary the workout, and this has done that. Looking forward to the next one!" - Bowen
        • TURBO FAT LOSS. "... I feel like I get a full body workout, but I’m not exhausted either, which is a nice balance. Although I don’t have a goal of weight loss, I feel like this program challenges me in a more efficient way so I’ve enjoyed it greatly to date... I think a recurring new monthly program is a great idea..." - Danielle

        More About the Kettlebell Access Membership:

        • Get full access to ALL kettlebell plans. All plans are normally $49.99 when purchased individually
        • All workout plans include a Movement Library with movement breakdown for each movement in workout
        • Track your workouts
        • Introductions and Frequently asked questions for optimal performance on each workout plan.
        • Join our Facebook Group to interact with members and ask questions from the trainers who created the programs.

        All Plans Include Movement Library for All Movements in the Plan so You Can Perform Optimally. Example:

        About Your Coach:

        Marcus Martinez, CSCS, Master Kettlebell Instructor:

        Since 2001 Marcus Martinez has been helping people reach their goals through kettlebells. He has extensive experience in teaching, building programs, developing training modules and running fitness businesses. Additionally, Marcus is a pioneer in kettlebell flow, certifications and holds a number of training certifications. Marcus also teaches our Kettlebell Courses which we teach to individuals and major gym chains. 

        Certifications & Accolades:
        • CSCS, "Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists (CSCS) are professionals who apply scientific knowledge to train athletes for the primary goal of improving athletic performance." - 
        • Certified personal trainer since 2002 through NCEP (National College of Exercise Professionals)
        • RKC Certified
        • IKFF Certified
        • Steve Maxwell Strength and Conditioning Certified
        • Featured in Oxygen Magazine

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 4 reviews
        Heidi C.
        Kettlebells Annual Membership

        I love the all access benefit of the annual membership as it gives me a variety of ideas to plan my own programming, provides information for cuing my personal training students, and contains pre-planned workouts to add to my own fitness routines.

        Thanks for sharing! Tag us on social media as or #livingfitworkouts ! We love to share!

        Michele Fero
        Great Value for all you get

        I have only been using the app and programs for a couple of weeks, but am happy so far. There is a ton of programming available and it has been nice to just hit "play" and follow along. I will have to explore the different programs to know more what I prefer and which are best for me.

        Thanks for sharing! Tag us on social media as or #livingfitworkouts ! We love to share!

        #17307 Boyd
        Kettlebells annual membership

        I love the workouts and I like Marcus’s teaching .. but why do the programs stream so much ? It drives me crazy… thanks Gary Boyd

        Thanks for your membership and your review! Tag us on social media as or #livingfit workouts, we love to share! In regards to your comment about streaming, this would be due to the internet connection you are connecting with as opposed to within the website. That being said, we are introducing an offline mode shortly (posting this 5/10/22) that will eliminate that issue completely so that you workout even when offline. Thanks so much for your feedback!

        Dan Brady
        Great for Basics and Beyond

        The Kettlebell Membership has been a great value for me, from brushing up on the basics to finding ways to really push myself with new challenging workouts. There is so much variety and depth of content here, you're bound to learn something new as you work through the different programs. Marcus also does an excellent job mapping things to your individual level, offering options for how to perform the movements based on where you are. If you're just getting started with Kettlebells or if you've been working with them for years, the Kettlebell Membership has something for everyone.

        Thanks for your membership and your review! Tag us on social as or #livingfitworkouts, we love to share!