If I Have Just 10 Minutes, What is the Absolute Best Workout?

If I Have Just 10 Minutes, What is the Absolute Best Workout?

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  • If I Have Just 10 Minutes, What is the Absolute Best Workout?
  • What are some summer workout tips?
  • Is barefoot running well for your health?

If I Have Just 10 Minutes, What is the Absolute Best Workout?

Most people think of fitness in a way that is completely different from their current lifestyle (if their current lifestyle doesn't have fitness as a part of it), and this couldn't be further from the truth. Fitness can be as small as adjusting one or two habits that take less than ten minutes per day, and they will soon realize these small adjustments in habit, lead to incredible transformation in many areas in life, including financial, mental, and physical (As this Rutger's article demonstrates) 

We use a 10 Minutes to Transform program that has helped hundreds of people go from couch potatoes to fitness freaks (or maybe just into fitness) in just 30 days. We use 10 minutes because everyone typically has 10 minutes available in the morning or evening. This habit then quickly becomes a regular part of their schedule that transforms the way they think about fitness and perform fitness.

What are Some Summer Workout Tips?

Dress in layers that are easy to remove, comfortable, and breathe well (i.e. light sweatshirt over poly blend t-shirt and light warm-up pants over breathable shorts or tights). If you are sweating heavily, and you can't weigh yourself, it is important to have 24 ounces of water or more if you are working out for about an hour. Hydration is important and so are electrolytes, so I typically have clients have a water bottle and an electrolyte mix with them, as losing minerals through too much sweating and water can be just as harmful as dehydration.

I love NUUN tablets to mix with my water for an electrolyte push with each water bottle.

If it is hot, my favorite workouts are done in the water. Just remember to stay hydrated even in a pool, as you will be losing water weight in the pool just like you would on land, potentially even more. A light swim or even treading water can burn more calories without the slippery sweaty mess.

Is Barefoot Running Good for your Health?

I believe that barefoot training is imperative to accelerate CNS (Central Nervous System) and PNS (Peripheral Nervous System) connection, as well as create robust capacity in the joints, bones, muscles, and movement from your toes to your nose.

What most people don't realize is that capacity is more than just flexibility, it also has to do with how much time it takes for the coordination responses that occur from proprioception to the brain and back to the body part that is moving. Going barefoot enhances our brain map of the environment and improves the sequencing and timing that occurs from CNS to PNS and PNS to CNS. So even if you put foot coffins (shoes) back on, the nervous system now has improved communication which inevitably improves the capacity to handle abrupt changes in the environment.

I have trained elite military, professional athletes, and the general populace, recommending barefoot training as an important aspect of every human's training protocol.

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