Mindset to Overcoming Life’s Challenges, By Coach Q

Mindset to Overcoming Life’s Challenges

By: Q. Pullen aka QtheCoach 

The tag word “Mindset” is the hashtag of the day.

To understand Mindset, I’ve broken down the compound word into its two segments.

The 'mind' is defined as the set of thinking faculties. When we examine those factors, the summation is our consciousness, perception, judgement, and emotion.

'Set,' however, has 25 references for its definition but for our purposes we will use “To establish as the highest level of performance”.

Mindset is establishing the highest level of performance in your consciousness, perception, judgement, and emotion.

So how do we apply this to our daily lives to overcome life’s challenges?


Looking at the four factors of the mind lets discuss how to implement, SET those factors to their highest level of performance.

Consciousness is the awareness of one's surroundings. Having a high level of consciousness means allowing ourselves to stay...

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