Creating An Optimal Learning Environment For Your Success

matt berenc Jul 14, 2020

Take a minute and close your eyes. Don’t worry, no one will sneak up behind you and yell “BOO!”. I want you to envision two people, your best teacher and your worst teacher. This can be from any point in your life; as a child or adult, during school or professional life. See their faces and bring yourself back to the last time you worked with them. Now, why did they earn the title of the best and the worst teacher? What characteristics did they possess and how would you describe them?

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If you’re like me, when you answer this question the majority of words that come to mind likely have little to do with their technical ability and more with how they made you feel. The worst teacher likely conjured words like belittling, all about them, petty, favoritism, harsh, mean, and self-centered. For the best teacher the words supportive, encouraging, good listener, focused on my success, and...

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