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Top 5 Bodyweight Exercises to Burn Fat

  1. Squat Jump
  2. Lunge/Split Squat
  3. Deck Squat
  4. Mountain Climber
  5. Kicksit

Squat Jump

If you are just beginning we will just reach for the sky and come up on our tip-toes. If you are ready for more, we are going to focus more on keeping quality form and control during the landing. For advanced practitioners, you are going to increase the depth and height of your jump.




Slow Lunge - Stepping Lunge - Lunge Jump Switch

Deck Squat

Slow Deck Squat with Assistance - Smooth Deck Squat - Explosive Deck Squat

Mountain Climber

Slow Stepping - Jumping from Position to Position - Add Speed


Slow and steady - speed it up - as fast as possible!


If you are looking for a fitness program to burn fat and build muscle but you don't have much space to workout, check out Minimum Space Athlete here: https://www.living.fit/minimum-space-athlete-perfect-for-you

By: Aaron Guyett, M.A., B.S., CSCS, TSAC-F, FRAs, FRCms

Education Director and Master Coach of Battle Ropes

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How To Gauge Intensity for Your Workouts


How To Gauge Intensity for Your Workouts

By: Aaron Guyett

Intensity is this ambiguous term for most of us...but we can help you gauge it for progress.

Intensity is usually correlated with weight or perceived exertion, and it can be very helpful to know when to ramp up or lower down the intensity for your fitness results.

What weight should I use for what intensity?



Light weight will usually result in low intensity, which can be helpful if you are trying to grow your muscular endurance or aerobic efficiency, however it will not help with you booty gains, muscular gains, or improving your basal metabolic rate (the amount of calories you burn at rest).

Choose your weight, exertion, and intensity based on your programming, and if you aren’t sure how to program to create a certain results, check out our programs here:

Workout Plans or Memberships Here

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Top 5 Kettlebell Moves for Combat Athletes



Strength and conditioning workouts for combat athletes have unique requirements. They should build the fighter’s strength in multiple planes and positions with an emphasis on grip and core strength, shoulder stability, and overall body awareness. Here are five movements that will strengthen you from head to toe, build your rotational power, increase your hip speed, and help you crush your enemies. Assuming you know how to fight. 


1. Staggered Alternating Rotational Swing 

Learning how to build power from the staggered position will carry over into just about every sport. Combine this with the benefits of the swing which include building glute and core strength, hip speed and power. The added benefit of the rotation will help transfer rotational power which is crucial for every type of combat athlete. 



2. Deadstart Rotational Clean

Being able to pull explosively from an off-set position rotationally will come in handy in...

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3 Most Powerful Battle Rope Movements


What is power?

Power output is force times distance over time, or put in a simple way it is how much force you can generate over a specific distance within a certain amount of time. Think about a squat repetition...if you load more weight on the bar, squat deeper, and do it faster, it will create far more power output than if you take weights off of the bar, do quarter squats, and do the rep slower, your power output will be drastically reduced.



The same physics works with battle ropes.

If moving more slack in the rope makes me produce more force, and I move over a greater distance, and I do each repetition faster, I am going to produce far more power output, than if I have too much tension in the rope, move it just a short distance per rep, and move the rope slower, my power output will be drastically reduced.

With that in mind, why would we use arc movements like rainbows, smiles, and figure eights to help produce more power output?

On top of the physics of power...

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