What Differentiates Living.Fit From Everyone Else?


Living.fit is now all around the world. We've had people from Saudi Arabia, Netherlands, India, Dubai, England, Ireland, Germany, France, and the list goes on.

What is Living.Fit's big differentiator?

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The two from Marcus's perspective are the amount of technical knowledge that goes into these plans, and the amount of plans.

Normally, you find a lot of not the highest quality programs, or really technical and really great programs, but you get very, very few of them. We wanted to do high quality, high quantity, so that way, there was so much to pull from. Whether you are a coach, whether you are a fitness enthusiast, dabbling with battle ropes and kettle bells, we have every base covered.

For Aaron, it is a bit different. How can you get them the ground floor, so to speak, and be able to go all the way up to the highest levels? Or if you're at the highest level, how are you gonna get benefit? That's a hard line to walk...

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7 Body Weight Moves and 7 Battle Rope Moves To Get Your Heart Pumping


Join me in trying out some of my favourite ways to get the heart pumping using two of my very favourite tools- your own body weight AND (of course) battle ropes!

Lateral Bear Crawl with Shoulder Taps: Fire up that brain power! Begin this exercise in a bear position (shoulders over wrists, hips over knees), ensuring that you have a neutral spine and knees are close to the floor. While maintaining a neutral spine (draw your belly button in) start to move laterally using bilateral movement (opposite arm and leg moving simultaneously) for 3 or 4 steps. Pause, tap each shoulder and repeat in the opposite direction.

Rotational Stationary Lunge Pulse: Start this exercise lunge position with the front leg bent at 90 degrees (watch that front knee doesn’t sneak over your toes!). Place you hands at your ears, or rest them on your hips. As you lower you back knee as close as you can to the floor, begin to rotate through your torso, so that your body begins to turn toward the outside of...

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Interview with John Brookfield, Founder of Battling Ropes System and so much more


I had the great honor of interviewing John Brookfield, a long time friend of mine, but moreover a man with exceptional physical, mental, and spiritual prowess!

I underestimated him the first time I met him, and was immediately humbled, by quite possibly the most humble man to ever achieve so many world records and physical feats.

For the Full Length Interview with John Brookfield 

& Aaron Guyett Subscribe Below.

Here are just a few:

  • Inventor of The Battling Ropes Training System
  • Author of several fitness and spiritual books
  • Trainer, mentor, and coach to thousands of people and athletes, including the Special Forces, NFL, and Perform Better Trainers
  • John pulled a truck weighing 24,000 pounds a distance of one full mile in one hour and 23 minutes. The mile pull was done without the use of any pulling ropes.
  • John rolled up one-quarter mile of steel nonstop in 59 minutes. The world record was done by using 62 twenty-foot steel bars, which were 9/16" in diameter. Each bar was...
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Jimmy Walker: Battle Ropes Level 4 Member, MSP Gym Owner and Incredible Community Advocate

aaron guyett battle ropes Apr 07, 2020

I have the great honor of calling Jimmy Walker a friend.

I was able to interview him, and talk about all the value he is bringing to the world around him. subscribe below and check out the Living.Fit Podcast with him.

He is a husband, father, community advocate, gym owner, combat athlete trainer, athletic coach, and a Level 4 members.

For those of you that don't know, Living.Fit offers two certification courses for battle ropes and two certification courses for kettlebells, Fundamentals and Advanced.

We also undergird those courses, by offering 4 levels of continuing education.

Jimmy Walker has gone through all of our courses and levels, and is a contributing member of our Level 4, so we decided to share some of the reason why he rises to the top.

Community Advocate

Jimmy is deeply involved with the members of his community in the greater Chicago area, from helping the elderly to giving his time to local elementary schools and high schools.

His insatiable appetite for service comes...

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Running Drills To Help You Run Faster and Farther


Whether you love to run or you don't like running, you can improve your running with these drills.

  • High Knees
  • Butt Kickers
  • Single Leg Lateral Hops
  • Static Rope Running
  • Line Rotations
  • Single Leg Plank Work

Running is repetitive oscillating locomotion to take you from point A to point B.

We humans used to be pretty good at this thing, or if we weren't good at it, we had to use it. A lot. Both running and walking was our only mode of transportation for 100's of thousands of years...some humans were lucky enough to domesticate an animal here and there for some of that transportation.

What is the difference between the humans of yesteryear and us?


According to the SAID principle, we will specifically adapt to imposed demands. Our biology and physiology is actually pretty dang good at this adaptation...we can screw it up by overtraining, but we are still pretty good at it.

If you have been running, and you even consider yourself a runner. I would suggest adding this drills...

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How To Do A Pull-up - Pull-up Training If You Can't Do a Pull-up


"Get on the bar, and come to a dead hang!" the drill instructor screamed at me when I was in boot camp. And then this became the annual call of every unit I have ever served with when we performed our yearly physical fitness tests for the USMC.

The anxiety and anticipation still gives me butterflies to this day.

In the Marine Corps, I have produced thousands of pull-ups over the last two decades. Since 1999, I have been performing pull-ups, teaching pull-ups, counting pull-ups, and helping people be able to perform their first pull-ups or adding to their maximum number of pull-ups.

When I first started helping people do pull-ups, I just assisted them by giving a lifted assist or giving them a resistance band to help propel them upward until they no longer needed my assistance, and could do it on their own.

I quickly realized that this can lead to injuries if they don't build the proper mind, muscle, and movement awareness.

Most people that can't do pull-ups or do very few,...

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5 Battle Rope Exercises to Improve Posture

aaron guyett battle ropes Dec 29, 2019

We are constantly fighting the four C's of bad posture: couch, computer, car, and cell phone. To help you in your fight, these are my top five battle rope exercises to improve posture:

  1. Outside Circles
  2. Straight Arm Vertical Waves
  3. Drink Pour Waves
  4. In-and-Out Waves
  5. T-Waves

In order to improve our posture, we need to condition the muscles and nervous system to be able to hold a better posture, even when we sit in the car, couch, or at the computer desk.

If these muscles have no connection to our brains, the adaptation will not occur.

Moving the shoulders, scapula, and torso (core) muscles and bones together in proper ways throughout a functional range of motion, is the first step to creating better posture.

I also like using kinesthetic cues, like raising my computer screen high enough for my crown to raise up and pull-back away from the screen. Or use the head rest on your car seat, instead of craning your neck forward, like it is going to get you to your destination any faster....

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Kettlebell and Battle Rope Workouts

Aaron Guyett, M.A., B.S., CSCS, FRAs, FRCms
Living.Fit's Education Director and Master Instructor

If you haven't combined the power of these two "unconventional" tools, you are missing out.

The kettlebell is a world-renowned strength and stability creator, and the battle rope is a world-renowned finisher...but the concepts that these two tools are known for, is only telling a fraction of the story.

With the right coaching and programming these two tools can fill entire libraries of effective and efficient programs that build strength, coordination, efficiency, mobility, endurance, power, and cognitive focus.

Check out our growing libraries of workouts and programming here: Trainer Resources

Don't get caught in the trap that kettlebells are only for strength, and battle ropes are only for cardio.

This will lead you into a corner, that will hurt your training effectiveness.

The key is to learn the principles and concepts behind each of the tools, so that you can build more effective...

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Single Arm Body Weight and Battle Ropes Exercises

aaron guyett battle ropes Dec 11, 2019
Aaron Guyett, M.A., B.S., CSCS, FRAs, FRCms
Living.Fit's Education Director and Master Instructor
Single arm body weight and battle ropes exercises to help you create isometric engagement and then dynamic engagements to help you move better, feel better, and look better.
  • Prepares the musculoskeletal tissues for movement, and then maximizes the output potential.1
  • Prepares the Nervous System for movement, and then maximizes the output potential.2
  • The static/isometric safely prepares the joints and kinetic chain for the movement pattern.3
  • The dynamic movement patterns explores and reinforces the range of motion your joints and kinetic chain have control of.4
  • An effective way to add volume to your programming.5
  • Single arm forces the vertical core to integrate for more stability in all three planes of motion.6
  • Single arm forces the vertical core to create more output through all three planes of motion.6
  • Works on ipsilateral patterning and contralateral patterning.7
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Action, Because Dreams Don't Become Reality Without It

Written By: Aaron Guyett, M.A., B.S., CSCS, FRAs, FRCms

Living.Fit Education Director and Master Coach



There is no substitute. One cannot wish or hope their way to doing.

In consulting and coaching, I hear a lot of people express the action they are going to take in poor ways.

It will have a lot of “try,” “should,” and “hope.”

I also read and hear a lot of ambiguous and general language.

It is almost as if the person is giving themselves an escape.

Unfortunately, this ambiguity does not inspire, ensure, or create any actions.

In order for action to be taken, there must be concrete terms and clarity.

“I will run every morning for ten minutes for the next week, in order to develop strength, endurance, and improve my health.”

That is concrete, clear, and calls out the action step.

How can you adjust your language to bring forth action?

I recently had a talk with one of my Battle Ropes Level 4 members.
They expressed the need...
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