5 Ways To Train at Home with Living.Fit

Uncategorized Jan 12, 2021

There are so many ways to take advantage of your own little space called home. You do not need a gym to lose fat, gain strength, build muscle, improve mobility, or improve performance.

Here are a few programs that will help you learn how to make you home a perfect place for transformation:

1 - Body Weight Anywhere with

Minimum Space Athlete


Minimum Space Athlete is a 30 Day Bodyweight Program.

Ready to build strength, improve athleticism, lose fat, and build an injury proof body?

This is a one time purchase and you have access forever! Repeat the plan as many times as you like!

What You Will Need in Equipment & Experience:

  • Space to do a push-up
  • Your Body

What You Will Get:

  • Indefinite Access to the plan and movement library
  • Log in or get daily emails with your workout, follow along with the workout or click through
  • Full-length Follow-along workouts for all 30 days.
  • Workout Tracker
  • Movement Demonstrations
  • Live workouts and question and answers
  • Introductions and Thorough...
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New Year New You with 10 Minutes to Transform...What is the One Thing?


Instead of giving you a bunch of cliche New Year New You type advice, I want to help you with just one thing that can change everything.

The greatest achievements and most coveted accomplishments I have ever experienced are centered around one word...consistency.

If I can stay consistent, I can accomplish dang near anything. Same with Marcus, he knows that it is consistency that has helped him the most in fitness, relationships, money, business, and life. We know that will be the same for you. That is the reason behind this 10 Minutes to Transform program that Marcus and I put together.

Everyone has 10 minutes per day, and if we can take that 10 minutes and build a healthy habit of consistently working out, it won't be long until you are moving better, feeling better, and looking better.

With 30 different 10 minute workouts that we showcase with a video follow-along and a printable/downloadable pdf, you will stay engaged and learn so many different ways to improve how you...

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Interview with John "Wild" Buckley about Kettlebell and the Cali Open


Have Questions? Register for an Upcoming Live Streaming Q & A and Ask Away or Watch!


This Year's Event is Also the IKO World Championship

How The Competition Will Run:

Just like a live event, you will be assigned a lifting time in the week leading up to the event. You should be prepared to lift between 9AM - 4PM Pacific Time on February 20 or 21st and will be sent a link to open and sign in before you lifting time starts at your assigned time. We will be hosting live question and answer sessions leading up to the event to answer any questions you have about the event. On Friday, February 19th, you will be assigned a time to meet with event staff over a live stream link to do your weigh in and weigh your bells. The event will follow the IKO ranking...

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Dr. John Rusin Interview with Aaron Guyett - Pain-free Performance Specialist Certification

aaron guyett Dec 15, 2020

The Pain-Free Performance Specialist Certification is the premier certification for fitness professionals and healthcare practitioners towards creating a more sustainable and customized fitness program for their clients. With over 6000+ coaches certified internationally since the certification's inception in 2019, the PPSC works hand in hand with trainers, physical therapists, massage therapists, dieticians, and doctors to promote fitness programming based on sustaining long-term joint health. The two day workshop covers every part of training from proper dynamic warm up to exercises screening, assessment, and selection. Our mission is to create a better environment within the industry to foster empowerment and progress in the feat of becoming as strong as possible  (physically and mentally) while preserving the health of our body in the process.


Get access to full interviews and workout plans in our memberships! View here!


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Dr. Aaron Horschig of Squat University interviewed by Aaron Guyett


Every athlete who spends time in the weight room eventually deals with pain/injury that leaves them frustrated and unable to reach their highest potential. Every athlete ought to have the ability to take the first steps at addressing these minor injuries. They shouldn’t have to wait weeks for a doctor’s appointment, only to be prescribed pain medications and told to “take two weeks off lifting” or, even worse, to “stop lifting so heavy.”

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Dr. Aaron Horschig knows your pain and frustration. He’s been there. For over a decade, Dr. Horschig has been a competitive weightlifter, and he understands how discouraging it is to tweak your back three weeks out from a huge weightlifting competition, to have knee pain limit your ability to squat heavy for weeks, and to suffer from chronic shoulder issues that keep you from reaching your goals.

Rebuilding Milo is the...

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Five 10 Minute Workouts To Burn More Fat


Burning fat is really more about increasing your metabolic engine, and burning more calories.

10 Minute Bodyweight Intensity with Aaron 1:20 to 11:46

  • Lunge-off right 10 reps
  • Lunge-off left 10 reps
  • Lateral Push-saws 10 reps each side
  • Supine Elbow-drivers 10 reps
  • Line-rotations 10 reps each side
  • Rest as needed and Repeat 3-5 Rounds

These workouts are from our Minimum Space Athlete 30 Day Workout plan. Find out more about that plan here!

10 Minute Bodyweight Burner Follow-along w/ Marcus 11:46 to 22:34

  • Hand Walkouts 5 Reps
  • Push-ups 5 Reps
  • World’s Greatest Stretch 5 Reps
  • Plank Hold
  • 1.5 Squats 5 Reps
  • .5 Squat Hold
  • Tabletop Position to Alternating Thoracic Bridge 5 Reps
  • Hollow Body Hold
  • Push-up to T 5 Reps
  • Side to Side Lunge 5 Reps’ish
  • Wide Stance Hand Walkout Circle 5 Reps
  • 1.5 Squats 10 Reps’ish
  • Alternating Forward Lunges 10 Reps’ish
  • Alternating T-Push-ups 10 Reps
  • Rock n Rolls/Deck Squats 5 Reps
  • Fast Squat/Squat Jumps 15 Reps

 10 Minute Battle Rope Burner...

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Choose Your Own Adventure with Marcus Martinez

Uncategorized Nov 24, 2020

There are MANY mistakes a new (and old) trainee can make on their path to their ideal physique and performance and most people make them. I know because I’ve been there. My goal is to help you avoid the mistakes I made to allow you to reap the benefits of your training and bypass weeks or months of fruitless workouts that do nothing more than make you sweat. 

For Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you can get 10 Workout Plans for the price of one! Choose your own adventure along with expert coaching and guidance, no matter what your goal is here: https://www.living.fit/what-fitness-adventure-will-you-choose-with-marcus-martinez

Get access to full interviews and workout plans in our memberships! View here!

Mistake #1: Trying to do too many things

We want it all. We want to be huge, we want to be ripped, we want to move well, etc. I see no fault in this, but trying to have everything means you really get nowhere with anything. Having a clear goal, putting all your focus into...

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What Differentiates Living.Fit From Everyone Else?


Living.fit is now all around the world. We've had people from Saudi Arabia, Netherlands, India, Dubai, England, Ireland, Germany, France, and the list goes on.

What is Living.Fit's big differentiator?

Get access to full interviews and workout plans in our memberships! View here!

The two from Marcus's perspective are the amount of technical knowledge that goes into these plans, and the amount of plans.

Normally, you find a lot of not the highest quality programs, or really technical and really great programs, but you get very, very few of them. We wanted to do high quality, high quantity, so that way, there was so much to pull from. Whether you are a coach, whether you are a fitness enthusiast, dabbling with battle ropes and kettle bells, we have every base covered.

For Aaron, it is a bit different. How can you get them the ground floor, so to speak, and be able to go all the way up to the highest levels? Or if you're at the highest level, how are you gonna get benefit?...

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Does Your Morning Routine Need a Tweak?


Every amazing day, starts with an amazing morning routine!

Why is a morning routine so important?

  1. Mindlessly set yourself up for success
  2. Set aside your willpower for the difficult problems
  3. Automatically do the things that will start your day off right

No matter the time that you wake up, your morning routine can set you up for success, without having to get sucked in to other people's problems with the news, social media, etc.

How do you start small and win big with your morning routine?

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  • Start with an affirmation or gratefulness that you can say to yourself, as an automatic response, and build on that affirmation
  • Bring your family or loved ones that you live with into a routine, which will help you stay with yours
  • What is your ideal start to your day? Do that.
  • Eat the Frog first...think about the most challenging thing that you have to do in the day, and knock that out.

Just like beauty,...

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Build a Stronger Core with the No Hands Get Up


If you’ve picked up even the slightest bit of kettlebell knowledge you’ll have learned about the Get Up. Not only is it a powerful, full body strengthening exercise, but it’s a great way to assess core, shoulder, and leg strength as well as mobility and coordination. There’s time under tension from the second you start until you bring the bell down safely to the ground.  

Traditionally you’ll be starting from the ground with a bell overhead and work your way up through a series of positions until you’re fully standing. You’ll then reverse the movement and make your way back to the starting position on your back on the ground. 

If we’re talking efficacy and functionality it’s a fantastic movement. Practicing getting up from the supine position is enough for most. Adding in load makes it significantly more challenging. Why is it so effective? For one thing it’s multiple movements in one. For a standard get up...

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