The Freeman Method - The Power of the Mind

david freeman Apr 20, 2020

By: David Freeman

Take a moment and think about your breathing. As you inhale, be aware of all the things you are grateful for and what you cherish, now I want you to exhale, exhale out doubt, fear and hate as all of these things cloud your mind from working optimally daily.

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With that said, let's dial into the power of the mind and what elements bring your daily focus to life. My personal mission in life is to connect people to their greater purpose here on earth. I tap into what I have coined as the 3 E’s. The 3 E’s have been in existence for me since 2007 when I found a deeper meaning to my life while being isolated in France playing the sport I love, football. Understanding who you are...

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Aaron Guyett talks Habits, Rituals, and Discipline on Mike Robertson's Physical Preparation Podcast

aaron guyett Apr 17, 2020

I had the incredible pleasure and honor to be interviewed by Mike Robertson on his Physical Preparation Podcast.

We talked about fitness and we talked about battle ropes and we talked about programming/coaching.

But we also talked about leveling up as a human, and improving our walk no matter what path you are on.

Mike Roberston does such an incredible job of asking great questions, and evoking the deep and valuable information from his interviewees.

I was already impressed by his style of podcast, and his writing style, that I have been listening to him and reading his stuff for the last 5 years or more.

I was ecstatic to learn that he wanted me to come on his show to speak into some of the experience that I have been able to glean as a serial business creator, a father, a husband, a Marine, and a leader of leaders.

Thank you again, Mike Robertson for this incredible opportunity!

 Check out the podcast here:

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Taking Back Control of Your Brain During a Pandemic

aaron guyett jason dolby Apr 14, 2020

Proactive vs Reactive

If we begin the day reactively, it is quite easy to fall into a higher state of stress and anxiety.  Especially during a worldwide pandemic. Starting the morning off by immediately turning on the news in anticipation of learning something else horrific, reading through emails, or frantically responding to text messages is NOT good for your brain.

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Your brain just basically sees threat, no threat, or uncertainty.  And unfortunately, our brains pretty much see uncertainty the same as they see threat.  

During this Covid-19 outbreak, there seems to be more global uncertainty than anything else.  Which equals quite a bit of threat response and cortisol(stress hormone) dumping from our brains.  Whether it’s potentially life-threatening health risks, the...

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Jimmy Walker: Battle Ropes Level 4 Member, MSP Gym Owner and Incredible Community Advocate

aaron guyett battle ropes Apr 07, 2020

I have the great honor of calling Jimmy Walker a friend.

I was able to interview him, and talk about all the value he is bringing to the world around him. subscribe below and check out the Living.Fit Podcast with him.

He is a husband, father, community advocate, gym owner, combat athlete trainer, athletic coach, and a Level 4 members.

For those of you that don't know, Living.Fit offers two certification courses for battle ropes and two certification courses for kettlebells, Fundamentals and Advanced.

We also undergird those courses, by offering 4 levels of continuing education.

Jimmy Walker has gone through all of our courses and levels, and is a contributing member of our Level 4, so we decided to share some of the reason why he rises to the top.

Community Advocate

Jimmy is deeply involved with the members of his community in the greater Chicago area, from helping the elderly to giving his time to local elementary schools and high schools.

His insatiable appetite for service comes...

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5 Keys to Body Weight Workouts in Small Spaces


Looking to get a good workout, but you are limited on space?

The above video breaks down how to build a sandbag or create an external load, so you can still do pull movements (which are difficult to do with just your body and the ground...we will be sharing some great routines later, if you have a pull-up bar).

Now let's get into the 5 keys to body weight workouts.


Make sure you are doing a solid warm-up routine.

If you subscribe to this blog, you can get access to the whole workout video and coaching, which begins with the lunge matrix and arm-drivers as an incredible 7 minute warm-up.

Warm-ups are used to prepare the body and mind for the work that will be done. The lunge matrix I have chosen, does an incredible job using dynamic and complex movement patterns to align the body and the mind together. It also literally warms up the body, muscles, soft tissues, and nervous system, so you can move easier while decreasing the chance for injury.

Warm-ups also...

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5 Kettlebell Mistakes and How to Fix Them


5 Kettlebell Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Just as with any tool the kettlebell can do some damage if they aren’t treated properly. Too many trainees see a picture or watch a couple of videos and give the kettlebell a whirl. The devil’s in the details with kettlebell training, but with many explosive kettlebell movements a few bad moves can be exponentially dangerous. 

Some mistakes are obvious and require a complete form overhaul while others are a bit more nuanced. Here are five of the biggest mistakes I see with kettlebell training and the easiest fixes to get you back on track.

1 - Back Pain with Swings 

Swings are a dynamic movement that require a hinge that already puts your back in potential danger and speed. Combining those two things with a client who doesn’t understand moving through tension. Get free kettlebell workouts here!

The Fix: Increase intra-abdominal tension through diaphragmatic breathing

2 - Slamming Forearms with Cleans...

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Build Rotational Power With These 5 Clean Variations!


The kettlebell clean should be a staple in your training for a variety of reasons. From building strength and power through your entire body to being the link between lower to upper body exercises with a kettlebell there’s a lot that can be done with this movement. There are a couple of issues I see with the clean. The first is a lack of technique which puts the user and his or her client in potential danger. The second is a lack of variety. 

When it comes to general fitness there should be a blend of progress and variety. This keeps things fresh and enjoyable, but still offers results. If the variables you add assist in overall progress then it’s a win. If they distract you and keep you spinning your wheels then that’s no bueno. I’m not a minimalist where you should only do one or two things, but I am a proponent of getting less with more. 

With the kettlebell doing the same thing day in day out will build strength and power, but at what cost? If...

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52 Ways to Improve 1% Each Week

aaron guyett Feb 14, 2020

We tend to overestimate what we can get done in a day, a week, and a month; yet we underestimate what we can accomplish in year and a decade with consistent improvements.

I am sure you have heard of the just improve 1% per day or week, quotes, commentaries, and memes. I am not here to convince you of the need or desires that most of these well-intentioned memes are after...I am here to help you put some handles on it.

Below I give very simple actions, habits, behaviors, or routines, that will help you walk out the 1% improvement model.

Stop meme'ing about it, and start showing it through your daily and weekly action. Implement just 1 per week, and if it is helping you improve and easy to do, keep it going. In one year, you will have literally transformed your life multiple times over.

Every journey worth taking, begins with the first step...

1 - Focus on Your Breath

Take a moment before you pour yourself that cup of coffee, or snap the lid off of that energy drink to just breath....

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Running Drills To Help You Run Faster and Farther


Whether you love to run or you don't like running, you can improve your running with these drills.

  • High Knees
  • Butt Kickers
  • Single Leg Lateral Hops
  • Static Rope Running
  • Line Rotations
  • Single Leg Plank Work

Running is repetitive oscillating locomotion to take you from point A to point B.

We humans used to be pretty good at this thing, or if we weren't good at it, we had to use it. A lot. Both running and walking was our only mode of transportation for 100's of thousands of years...some humans were lucky enough to domesticate an animal here and there for some of that transportation.

What is the difference between the humans of yesteryear and us?


According to the SAID principle, we will specifically adapt to imposed demands. Our biology and physiology is actually pretty dang good at this adaptation...we can screw it up by overtraining, but we are still pretty good at it.

If you have been running, and you even consider yourself a runner. I would suggest adding this drills...

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How To Do A Pull-up - Pull-up Training If You Can't Do a Pull-up


"Get on the bar, and come to a dead hang!" the drill instructor screamed at me when I was in boot camp. And then this became the annual call of every unit I have ever served with when we performed our yearly physical fitness tests for the USMC.

The anxiety and anticipation still gives me butterflies to this day.

In the Marine Corps, I have produced thousands of pull-ups over the last two decades. Since 1999, I have been performing pull-ups, teaching pull-ups, counting pull-ups, and helping people be able to perform their first pull-ups or adding to their maximum number of pull-ups.

When I first started helping people do pull-ups, I just assisted them by giving a lifted assist or giving them a resistance band to help propel them upward until they no longer needed my assistance, and could do it on their own.

I quickly realized that this can lead to injuries if they don't build the proper mind, muscle, and movement awareness.

Most people that can't do pull-ups or do very few,...

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