Why Ropes? A Message From Our Education Director

aaron guyett battle ropes Feb 14, 2019
My name is Aaron Guyett, founder of Battle Ropes Education, and Master Coach and Education Director of Living.Fit.

I have been teaching and coaching fitness since 1999. I have had the great honor and pleasure of coaching a wide variety of people to great results with Battle Ropes as an exclusive tool and as a tool combined with a myriad of other tools in the fitness industry.
Since 2015, I have been teaching trainers, coaches, clinicians, professors, elite professionals and enthusiasts about the benefits of Battle Ropes, versatility of Battle Ropes, and programming improvement in specific metabolic pathways.

I have written and taught for a number of clubs, companies, institutions, and agencies. I continue to add more organizations to this growing list weekly.
Humans have been using ropes for at least 28,000 years (7), and the earliest records of rope use was the Ancient Egyptians in approximately 4,000 to 3,500 BC. (8)
We have used ropes to transfer our force production or power output to objects and people further away from us. After knowing this, it is surprising to realize that it wasn't until 2006, that John Brookfield invented the concept of training with ropes, and then a couple years later brought ropes into the fitness and sports industry(9).

I learned to use ropes as a form of fitness from John Brookfield himself by taking his Level 1 Battling Ropes Certification in 2010 and Level 2 Battling Ropes Certification in 2011.

I was quickly humbled by his teaching, and gathered that his system was based on work capacity and mental toughness. He was helping everyone realize they could produce strength and power for longer and longer periods of time with his rope training information.

For me to justify training my clients for specific metabolic improvements, I needed a way to measure power output and force productions, so I began a long journey of research, observation, experimentation, and implementation.

In a few years, I realized the same variables that are found in mechanical physics are also found in wave physics (10).

Upon this discovery, I was able to quantify waves and also program waves specifically for metabolic adaptations in power, strength, and endurance (scientifically known as phosphogen, glycolytic, and oxidative metabolic pathways or energy systems).

Once I discovered this and realized it was backed up by scientists, researchers, and smarter that were smarter than me, I started applying these concepts to all people that I trained. I used ropes for my training with the Marine Corps, average Jane's and Joe's, elite military clients, and high school/collegiate/pro/Olympic-level athletes. It worked for all of them. I was able to establish speed, agility, quickness, power, strength, endurance, mobility, and stability results with a Battle Rope.

The rest is history. We also are interested in more researchers, scientists, coaches, professors, and more that want to continue to study and write research papers to back these claims. Please email [email protected] if you are interested in researching and discovering the versatility and value of battle ropes.

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