What is the Minimum Space Athlete Program?


Minimum Space Athlete is a 30 day follow-along Bodyweight program helping the beginner, intermediate, and advance practitioner: build strength, improve athleticism, lose fat, and build an injury proof body.

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This is a program that you can do, whether you have equipment or you don’t have equipment, whether you are just getting started or you have been training for years, whether you want a short and sweet workout or you want to get in the zone for an hour each day...this program is for all of us that are looking to lose fat, build strength, and improve mobility.

It is a one time purchase and you have access forever! Repeat the plan as many times as you like!

What You Will Need in Equipment & Experience:

  • Space to do a push-up

  • Your Body

What You Will Get:

  • Indefinite Access to the plan and movement library

  • Log in or get daily emails with your workout, follow along with the workout or click through

  • Full-length Follow-along workouts for all 30 days.

  • Workout Tracker

  • Movement Demonstrations

  • Live workouts and question and answers

  • Introductions and Thorough How-to's

Get ready to have some fun and transform your body and mind with Aaron and Living.Fit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this Program For?

  • For any level of human

This program can be followed by elite athletes as well elderly, youth or recently recovered individuals, as it is foundational movements with a single bell. Inside, Aaron talks through how to actually perform the movements safely, as opposed to just telling you what to do in order to get more or less out of each movement. 

When you sign up, you get access forever!

What is This Program Designed to Do? 

  • Build strength
  • Improve Mobility
  • Improve Fat Loss
  • Improve Movement

This program is designed to build strength, improve athleticism, increase grip strength, lose fat, and build an injury proof body with your kettlebell!

What is the Length of Time of this workout?

LENGTH: Workouts range from 30 minutes to an hour each day

What Are the Workouts Like? 

You can follow the program in three ways:

  • Follow along videos
  • Printed out pdf for tracking

Each section contains introductions to show the movements in the workout. The purchase also comes with a library of movements of all the workouts movements! View an introductory here!

The Workouts - 2 to 6 Per Week

This program has two to six workout days in a weeks time with anywhere from 6 to 12 different bodyweight exercises per day, plus warm-ups, mobility, and cool downs. Each day consists of strength and conditioning workouts in different formats.

Follow Along with the Workouts! 

Daily workouts Include Movements Like:

  • Warm ups
  • Push Movements
  • Pull Movements
  • Squat Movements
  • Hinge Movements
  • Rotational Movements
  • Locomotion Movements
  • Mobility movements
  • Decompression

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