What Differentiates Living.Fit From Everyone Else?


Living.fit is now all around the world. We've had people from Saudi Arabia, Netherlands, India, Dubai, England, Ireland, Germany, France, and the list goes on.

What is Living.Fit's big differentiator?

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The two from Marcus's perspective are the amount of technical knowledge that goes into these plans, and the amount of plans.

Normally, you find a lot of not the highest quality programs, or really technical and really great programs, but you get very, very few of them. We wanted to do high quality, high quantity, so that way, there was so much to pull from. Whether you are a coach, whether you are a fitness enthusiast, dabbling with battle ropes and kettle bells, we have every base covered.

For Aaron, it is a bit different. How can you get them the ground floor, so to speak, and be able to go all the way up to the highest levels? Or if you're at the highest level, how are you gonna get benefit? That's a hard line to walk because now you have to be both a really good educator, but also a really good coach. And not to say that really good educators couldn't be really good coaches, but those are two totally different jobs. Living.Fit has both of those covered.


The main thing is to make what is pretty confusing and often chaotic, with all of the fitness misinformation , and make fitness simple.

We make living fit simple.

How do we?

We make it simple by either:

A-We have become the Master Coach that's been on the fitness pathway, so we know where to go, and we have helped so many on the fitness journey that we will guide you to success with less frustration and mistakes.

B-From a principles standpoint, when somebody approaches us about complex issues, confusion, or a lack of education, we get the opportunity to educate with solid, research-based principles.

The beauty is we get the opportunity to experience what's going on right now, because we're constantly either mentoring or leading or teaching or educating coaches, gym owners, fitness directors from all around the world. Where we're hearing their stories and so either, we can give them some of our wisdom from our experience, or we can watch other people in that network, give them advice, because they just walked through that same exact issue or problems.

Now we're able to take that information and then pass it on to whatever trainer, or whatever coach or even whatever athlete that we see or person that's looking to lose a few lb's or gain strength.

Being able to guide people regardless of where they are, is such a big part of this.

For Marcus personally, "I wanted to help people avoid the mistakes I made, and be able to triumph from the things that worked really well immediately. So rather than them having to go through a lot of trial and error, it was like here, this works, this really works, you can still make this your own, you can still tweak it and play with it, however you'd like. But I know this works. And this thing over here doesn't work, so don't do it. You still can and you still might, because I remember as a kid being told not to do something, and then it was like what credit cards are free money and they are awesome. So sometimes you might have to learn, but you at least have access to people who will guide you in that direction, in the direction you want to go, so you avoid as many pitfalls as possible. So that's what I would say makes living fit different from just about anything else out there."

Aaron states, "There's a lot of people out there, that have a lot of great programs, so in the program realm, either a lot of okay programs, or one or two really good programs. We've got a lot of really good programs. And then there's people out there that are doing an incredible job of educating and we thought well what a concept. Let's try to push those together because nobody's doing that. And that to me like, that's the big differentiator. It's like, hey, I can help you all the way from soup to nuts. Start with soup you end with nuts for dinner. I can help you all the way from A to Z. I'm glad that I can make him laugh. Usually he's the one making me laugh. I hope you've enjoyed that. That is what differentiates living that."

If you are looking to learn the principles and concepts around coaching, training, building a gym, and teaching people about living fit, you have come to the right place.

If you are looking to get a great workout, and achieve your fitness goals, so you can live fit, you have also come to the right place.

Living.Fit has both, and we have spent decades on the quality and the quantity of our programs and education.



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