Top 10 Body Weight Exercises to Boost Your Metabolism with Kaitlin Heaney, plus Interview


Looking for a way to give your body a metabolic jumpstart without any equipment?

Look no further!

Here are 10 fun and effective moves to get the heart rate up while working the entire body.

These short bursts of exercise can boost your body’s EPOC (Excessive Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption), or to put it simply- they create an AFTERBURN!

So, you’ll continue to burn calories hours after training! 

The Workout (video above):

We are going to try to work as many muscles in the body as we can, so expect to use multiple limbs and move in multiple planes! Our goal is to work for 30 seconds at a high intensity followed by 20 seconds of complete rest. Complete at least one round! 

*Remember, while we do want to work at a higher intensity and speed, keep your focus on controlling each movement over anything else. Clean form is our number one priority! 


X Jack Squats: Start with legs hip width apart, gripping the floor with your feet and allowing the weight to fall into your heels. Sink down into a narrow squat, touching elbows to the top of your thighs. Hold for 2 seconds then jump and explode landing with arms and legs out to the sides. Return to start position and repeat.

Rolling Side Plank/Thread the Needle: Start in a tall plank, actively pressing through the entire hand with an emphasis on the thumb and pinky fingers. Pressing down through the shoulders, pulling the pubic bone to the nose, roll yourself into a side plank (top leg in front) lifting the hips as high as you can. From there, pike the body at an angle, reaching the top arm down and under the body. Return to side plank, and then roll to the opposite side and repeat. 

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High Knee Pause: Starting with feet hip width apart, drive one knee upwards using the abdominal muscles, followed swiftly by the other, raising the opposite arm up as if you were running. On the 3rd high knee, hold it high for a double count, then repeat. 

Split Squat Drops: Starting in a split squat position with one leg in front of the body and the other behind, 90-degree angle on both legs. Being sure to actively press into the heel of the front foot and to not let the knee collapse inward. From there, jump both feet together for a brief moment, then back into the split squat on the opposite side.

Reverse Plank Walk Out: Start in a crab crawl position, being mindful to keep shoulders from shrugging up to the ears. Engage the glutes and abdominal muscles and carefully walk the arms out to a full reverse plank, hold briefly, then return to start position.

Switch Jumps: Start by standing in a narrow stance, one foot slightly in front of the other. Quickly switch stances while pressing arms overhead. 

Pivoting Squat Pops: Start with feet hip width apart, Abs engaged. Sink down into a squat then quickly pop up, rotating to land with the entire lower body to one side while the upper body stays forward. Return to start position and repeat in opposite direction. 

Shoulder Tap to Squat: Start in a tall plank, actively engaging the core, squeezing the glutes. Shift your weight into one arm as you lift the other off the ground to tap the opposite shoulder, being mindful to keep the hips as stable as possible. Repeat on the other side then pop the legs up into a squat, hold for 3 seconds before popping back out to plank and repeat. 

Up and Out Jacks: Start with a simple jumping jack. With shoulders strong and active, core engaged, hop the legs out to the sides as you raise the arms out to sides, return to start position and repeat but bringing the arms up in front of the body this time. 

Inch Worm Snap Jump: Starting in a standing position, feet hip width apart, roll down through the spine to place the hands on the floor. With control, walk the hands out to a tall plank. From there, snap the feet towards the head in a pike, return to plank, then walk the arms back to return to start position. Be sure to stand tall and roll the shoulders back and down before starting again. 

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