Mindset to Overcoming Life’s Challenges, By Coach Q

Mindset to Overcoming Life’s Challenges

By: Q. Pullen aka QtheCoach 

The tag word “Mindset” is the hashtag of the day.

To understand Mindset, I’ve broken down the compound word into its two segments.

The 'mind' is defined as the set of thinking faculties. When we examine those factors, the summation is our consciousness, perception, judgement, and emotion.

'Set,' however, has 25 references for its definition but for our purposes we will use “To establish as the highest level of performance”.

Mindset is establishing the highest level of performance in your consciousness, perception, judgement, and emotion.

So how do we apply this to our daily lives to overcome life’s challenges?


Looking at the four factors of the mind lets discuss how to implement, SET those factors to their highest level of performance.

Consciousness is the awareness of one's surroundings. Having a high level of consciousness means allowing ourselves to stay connected to the things around us by being hyper aware. Are we allowing ourselves to be our best versions in our fitness, in our family, in our community, or in our spirituality? Serving those things to our highest level sets our minds up in a way that allows us to perform better. A conscious Mindset allows us to overcome the challenges of our surroundings.

Perception is the way that we see and hear things. I believe that perception is intrinsically tied to emotion because many times the emotions, the way we feel, help drive our perception.

How do we overcome challenges of the way we see things and our feelings towards them?

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I’m reminded of a quote from the book The Four Agreements “Don’t take anything personally”. When we take things personally, we allow our emotions to rule us. Having highly performing perception means allowing ourselves to step outside of our emotions and realize that everything is not about us. 

Finally, judgement is the ability to make considered decisions or come to sensible conclusions. It might just be me but it seems that judgement is the connecting factor in Mindset! Every situation that we are involved in is a judgement in one way or another. Establishing a high level of judgement, i.e. making good decisions or drawing sensible conclusions, is in my opinion the most important staple of Mindset. If we are to get through any challenges in life we must do it with good judgement.

Mindset is the chipset of the human makeup that our memory system reverts to conquer what’s in front of us. The desire to set our performance at a high level in life involves moment to moment checks of our consciousness, our perception, our emotions, and our judgement. Most challenges in life are winnable when we set our minds up in a way that we stay accountable to perform at a high level.

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We must figure out who we want to be and how we want to get there and program (set) our minds to accomplish the mission.

Challenges are opportunities not obstacles.

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