Living.Fit Makes Programming Simple


Here are the guidelines to keeping programming simple:

  1. Breathwork/Mobility/Warm-up
  2. Static Engagement/Movement Preparation
  3. Power/SAQ
  4. Strength/Hypertrophy/Strength Endurance
  5. Endurance
  6. Cool Down/Mobility


For examples of the way we build our workouts using these programming principles, check out some of our follow-along workouts here: Workout Plans

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For a breakdown of the principles and concepts that we use to design our programs, check out our certifications here: Kettlebell Certifications & Battle Rope Certifications

The keys to making the above programming guidelines working for you is to make sure you include:

  1. Consistency, Consistency, Consistency
  2. Progressive Overload
  3. Full Body
  4. Do What You Like To Do
  5. Minimum Amount to Make the Change Happen

Marcus Martinez, the Kettlebell Master Coach, and Aaron Guyett, the Education Director and Battle Ropes Master Coach, break down the programming principles to make building your own workouts simple.

If you are looking to learn more about programming, building workouts, and you missed THE PLAN, this can get you started on that journey.

We look forward to being your teacher, coach, and guide, as you move toward the goals and achievements you desire. The body is a biological and physiological thing that science and researched has taught us how to do specific things to lose fat, gain strength, and feel more energetic. Walk with us and learn from us so that you can take control of your goals and achievements.

We break down the simple ways to improve each week in the full video, and we have so many courses and plans to bring you to the body that you desire.

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