Learn the Kettlebell Clean in 2.5 Minutes


The Clean is a deceptive exercise. It looks like a curl, but moves from the ground to your shoulder in an entirely different way. The key thing for those new to the clean to understand is the trajectory the kettlebell needs to take and the primary movers. 

Here are a handful of regressions that will help you on that path! 

  1. Two hand Cheat Curl Clean - This is helping you understand that the bell doesn't come end over end as it finishes in the rack. Even with speed the kettlebell should nestle itself in the rack like a baby bird as opposed to a wrecking ball. 
  2. Two hand Hang Clean - Once the pathway has been set, now we want to add some hip timing of the hinge and extension. The primary mover is not the upper body, so this will help you practice that. You’ll still use your other arm for half the work here. 
  3. Assisted Hang Clean - Now we’re speed and less intervention from the other hand. This will help use work the lower body with a powerful drive, but shortening the range of motion. 
  4. Assisted Clean - Now we’re adding more speed as we work the drop of the bell into the bottom of the hinge before each clean. Your other hand will still be there for support, but the idea is to use less of it while still keeping a close distance between you and the bell.
  5. Clean with Training Wheel - You’re almost ready to fly, baby bird! You’ll be performing a clean, but instead of worrying about the position of the landing, you’ll assist the finish with your other hand to avoid too much speed or improper placement. 
  6. Clean - You’re ready to go full clean! The beauty is if there’s any point where you start to lose it or fatigue sets in you can always scale back to one of the regressions to fit you or your client’s needs! 

Give these a go and shorten the learning curve to master this powerfully, useful movement. If you’re ready to up your kettlebell knowledge to legendary join us on the Kettlebell Fundamentals and Advanced Courses on Living Fit.

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