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running Aug 25, 2020
Kettlebells and battle ropes are so diverse, they can help you improve results in all kinds of training. We recently spoke with Jordan Hasay about how she uses both to improve her distance running results. Jordan is an extremely accomplished distance runner. In 2019, she finished third at the Boston Marathon with a time of 2:25:20. Her other accomplishments include a number of records for fastest debuts in her races and Jordan has run several 2 mile races under 10 minutes. How can kettlebells help you improve your results? Take a look at some of the movements below from Jordan's routines and think about how they could be added to your training! When you are done reading this post, our Education Director, has written other posts for drills to help you run faster and further here.
Q: Why do you think runners should use kettlebells?
A: It gives me kinesthetic awareness and allows me to work and enforce patterns which reinforce all the proper muscle groups that I am trying to activate during running. 
Q: Do you have an example training session? For example, X amount of sets of kettlebell swings with what kind of weight? Heavy or light? 
A: It depends on the goal of the day. If lighter weight I do more reps, heavier less reps. Oftentimes I will use different weights in a series if doing kettlebell swings, for example 40lb, 55lb, 60lb with rep schemes of 24, 16, 12 and repeat 3 times through. 
Q: How do you use battle ropes for training? what is your main goal when training with ropes and what would you do in a workout?
Similar to kettlebells, battle ropes help to strengthen and coordinate the relationship between my feet, core and posterior chain. I do double handed slams for this purpose and then add alternating hand slams to also help with thoracic rotation. 
Q: What is your main goal when training with kettlebells?
A: One goal is to strengthen and coordinate the posterior chain. Another is to coordinate the breathe with explosive, dynamic movement which helps me in my speed work. A final goal is to strengthen and coordinate the relationship between my feet and core. 
By Jordan: 
A couple of my go-to kettle bell workouts are the swing and the turkish-get-up. Both exercises are packed with opportunities to perfect posture, coordination and control.
Developing the swing has helped my running form a lot. Staying tall in my hips and relaxed in my shoulders has become more natural. I have a better understanding of how to use my breath and intra abdominal pressure when I want to pick up the pace. As my swing form gets better, so has my running form. Need kettlebell workout ideas? Look here!
I can’t say enough about developing the turkish-get-up. Like the kettle bell swing, it offers immediate feedback to my positioning  so I can make the needed corrections.  The TGU allows me to further sharpen how mobility and stability interact to allow for strength and coordination to build running mileage in a healthy way. I have never felt more fit and I have to give the Turkish get up a good amount of credit for helping me maintain proper running form. 
Thank you Kettlebell Kings for supporting me! 
Looking for more ideas for workouts for runners? View our post from our Education Director here!
Need kettlebell workout ideas? Look here

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