Jimmy Walker: Battle Ropes Level 4 Member, MSP Gym Owner and Incredible Community Advocate

aaron guyett battle ropes Apr 07, 2020

I have the great honor of calling Jimmy Walker a friend.

I was able to interview him, and talk about all the value he is bringing to the world around him. subscribe below and check out the Living.Fit Podcast with him.

He is a husband, father, community advocate, gym owner, combat athlete trainer, athletic coach, and a Level 4 members.

For those of you that don't know, Living.Fit offers two certification courses for battle ropes and two certification courses for kettlebells, Fundamentals and Advanced.

We also undergird those courses, by offering 4 levels of continuing education.

Jimmy Walker has gone through all of our courses and levels, and is a contributing member of our Level 4, so we decided to share some of the reason why he rises to the top.

Community Advocate

Jimmy is deeply involved with the members of his community in the greater Chicago area, from helping the elderly to giving his time to local elementary schools and high schools.

His insatiable appetite for service comes from his deep love and care for fellow humans.

Spending hours with Jimmy will bring a smile to your face and love to your heart, and I can speak from personal experience.

This man's love is unparalleled, when it comes to community time and service. 

Midwest Strength + Performance Gym Owner

Jimmy is one of the owner's of this prestigious gym spaces in West Chicago. Because of their diverse ownership, they offer training and performance to any client looking to improve their fitness, health, and performance.

If you are looking for fun and fitness and a strong community, Jimmy's classes are just what the doctor ordered, and he was able to connect to all of his clients virtually during the COVID 19 pandemic.

If you are an athlete, and you are looking to improve your speed, agility, and quickness, or your need to improve your strength and conditioning, Jimmy has created quite an impact in the athletes in the local area.

If you are a combat athlete, and you need improved conditioning, and the right amount of coordination to improve your win-loss record in the ring or on the mat, Jimmy has you covered. 

Athletic and Combat Athlete Trainer and Competitor

 As a golden gloves champion, Jimmy is well versed in what it takes to win in sports, specifically combat sports.

Jimmy's coaching and guidance is built off of decades of experience in the athletic world and boxing world.

He loves breaking down movements and program for all of his clients, especially his combat athletes.

Living.Fit Level 4 Member and Education Advocate

Jimmy attributes his success, and his impact to being a lifelong learner. I first met Jimmy at a certification, and then met him the second time, at my certification course, and he has been continuing his education ever since.

He is deeply involved in the education and Level 4 crew that is all about supporting, encouraging, and learning to improve their impact in the world around them.

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