Jesse Grund, Owner of Unconventional Strength, Instructor with TRX, and Level 4 Battle Ropes Coach

aaron guyett jesse grund Apr 28, 2020

Jesse Grund is a husband, father, gym owner, Level 4 member, Head of Physical Programming for Boulder Crest (a ptsd to ptg veteran and first responder program).

It was an honor to interview him for Living.Fit, and get to know who he is, what he does, how he does it, and why he does it a little better.

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Unconventional Strength - A Training Gym in Orlando Florida

As a gym owner he has been able to pivot and help out most of his clientele during this time in quarantine. His value has been driven by his connection, programming, and coaching skills. He was able to immediately pivot and save his business. Find out more about it, and obtain a supportive, encouraging and developing group in Level 4.

If you are looking for a highly educated and very experienced coach in the Orlando area, look no further than Jesse Grund at Unconventional Strength.

An Educator in Multiple Realms

Jesse Grund understands the value of mentorship. He also understands the power of continuing education. Someone looking for mastery understands that everyday they need to be a "white belt," open to learning more and more so they can provide an ever-increasing amount of value. He took advantage of all the education within Living.Fit, and has also thrown himself into traditional certifications, formal education in college, workshops, seminars, summits, and conferences to continue to grow and develop as a trainer.

He has since been asked to be an educator for TRX. He is the sole-provider of the fitness programs for a company called Boulder Crest. He has also completed all of the qualifications to be considered for selection as an Educator with Living.Fit.

On top of being a gym owner, coach, and educator, he is now the Strength and Conditioning Coach for the local high school football team.

In this interview we talk about all of the ways he has been able to position himself through education, experience, and service to bring more value to more people in an exponential way.

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