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Just like a live event, you will be assigned a lifting time in the week leading up to the event. You should be prepared to lift between 9AM - 4PM Pacific Time on February 20 or 21st and will be sent a link to open and sign in before you lifting time starts at your assigned time. We will be hosting live question and answer sessions leading up to the event to answer any questions you have about the event. On Friday, February 19th, you will be assigned a time to meet with event staff over a live stream link to do your weigh in and weigh your bells. The event will follow the IKO ranking tables (more in FAQ). 

Will People Be Able to Watch?

Yes! We will be live streaming the entire event and people from all over the world will be able to tune in and watch competitive sets along with commentary from our team and the team at Orange Kettlebell Club. We plan to add interviews and post set interviews with lifters right after their set completes! We will publish the set schedule ahead of time if you want to tune in and watch different lifter sets from around the world! While lifter and judges will be one on one in breakout single rooms, we will enable people from around the world to watch a live stream with narration from our team!


We plan to produce a 30 minute to hour long segment about the entire event complete with winners, interviews and commentary. If you are competing and are interested in being interviewed, talking about your training, goals for the competition and more, we would love to speak with you! When you sign up, we will send you an email if you wish to be interviewed!

The Rules of Competition:

If you have competed in a live event before by Orange Kettlebell Club, the rules are the same! You can click below to download a full list of rules for any event, read the FAQ section below and can email [email protected] with any addition questions. You can use cast iron kettlebells or competition kettlebells for your set.



Gift cards to Kettlebell Kings will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each division. Your division is determined by your weight class and the kettlebell weight you are competing with. First place winners receive gift card for $250 to Kettlebell Kings, second place will receive $150 gift card and third place in each division will receive $75 gift card Kettlebell Kings. Medals will be mailed to to all 1st, 2nd, 3rd place winners and trophies for the top lifters, men and women, of the three main divisions (Open, Futures, Legends).

Overall Winners

An overall winner will be chosen from both male and female lifters for a $1,000 gift card to Kettlebell Kings! In order to qualify for the grand prize you must lift at the professional level which is 24 kilograms for women and 32 kilograms for men. Winners will be determined by the coefficient. Coefficient is calculated as total weight moved divided by bodyweight so 32kg(bell) x 100(reps) divided by 85kg(lifter) = 37.64.


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