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Podcast with Former NBA Player Brian Scalabrine & NBA Playoff Preview

nba on the line Jun 02, 2021

In our debut episode of our podcast 'On the Line' our host Tommy Poore speaks with Brian Scalabrine about a number of topics including that moment he went viral for taking on anyone 1 on 1. They also discuss:

  • Brian playing in The Big 3 basketball league
  • How he got the nickname 'White Mamba' and Kobe's approval
  • A great story about a team plane ride with Kevin Garnett & Paul Pierce
  • How Brian stays in shape
  • NBA playoff preview and NBA outlook

The full, hour long interview is included in our monthly and annual memberships. New weekly episodes will be dropping with guests ranging from professional athletes, olympians, actors and many other exciting figures in pop culture. 

This membership also includes tons of follow along kettlebell workouts, fitness interviews and more. You can learn about those memberships here!


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